Easily integrate CELUM assets into Magnolia CMS pages

Use the CELUM Magnolia Connector to quickly and easily place assets from CELUM directly into your Magnolia CMS pages.

With the “Magnolia DAM App”, images and other media objects are selected in the Magnolia CMS, conveniently and without media discontinuity, directly in CELUM, where they are automatically transferred in a format optimised for the web to the Magnolia CMS custom defined components. By linking CELUM ContentHub and Magnolia CMS, the assets used in the DAM are marked with a “Magnolia Bullet”, which shows the media manager directly which asset is being used. This prevents accidental deletion of media currently in use.

Link your media data in Magnolia CMS

As part of the Magnolia Connector, the Magnolia DAM App gives you direct access to assets from the CELUM ContentHub. For the insertion of an asset from the CELUM ContentHub into one of your Magnolia pages, you have your own components, defined according to your needs, at your disposal. The CELUM assets are not copied but merely linked, thus ensuring that they are always up-to-date.

Proof of use

As soon as a CELUM asset is used via Magnolia Connector, its use is automatically noted in one of the asset’s information fields and can be labelled in CELUM via Magnolia Bullet. This prevents the accidental deletion of an active asset in CELUM ContentHub.

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Advantages at a glance

Automatically publish articles with current media object

Link media objects from CELUM to Magnolia CMS

Pre-definable download formats per media type

Proof of use in CELUM ContentHub

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