Extension of the CELUM ContentHub with planning, control and monitoring functions for integrated marketing processes

MARMIND® Connect gives you the opportunity to extend your CELUM Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution with Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) functionalities from MARMIND®:

  • Integration of media assets from CELUM ContentHub into a central media and campaign plan
  • Simple correction loops and cross-departmental approval processes for internal and external users
  • Direct export of media assets to CELUM ContentHub with metadata and context selection

Connect your CELUM solution with MARMIND® Connect to many other planning, control, collaboration and monitoring functions for easier teamwork in digital end-to-end marketing processes.

Cross-Channel Marketing planning

Choose media assets from CELUM ContentHub and upload them directly to your cross-channel marketing plan. With MARMIND® you can manage all steps for content creation centrally and in a campaign context – from the idea to the final version.

Correction process with annotations

With MARMIND®’s modellable workflows you can easily design correction processes with annotation handling (for images, texts and videos) up to the final release. Then export the assets incl. metadata directly back into the selected destination folder in CELUM ContentHub.

MARMIND Connect was developed by upper network

Advantages at a glance

Consistent marketing planning

Simple correction processes

Transparent approval processes

Excellent team collaboration

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