MS Azure Translate

The connector is immediately applicable. Developed by brix.

Automated translations from the cloud

The CELUM MS Azure Translate connector allows you to translate metadata of media assets and tag structures automatically.

The translation is provided by the Translation Service of MS Azure – with neural intelligence in over 60 languages.

To generate localized metadata e.g. for SEO searches, the source language is automatically translated to the target languages.

The translations can be published on any multilingual channel, e.g. on localized websites, e-shops and more.

By automating the translation of your metadata, you can reduce the workload of your business department and save external costs.

The metadata is generated in real-time in multiple languages – automatically.

By using a professional translation service, you will achieve professional translation quality.

With little time and effort, metadata can be extended with new and additional target languages.

Serve international markets

The integration of MS Azure Translation Service with CELUM enables internationally expanding companies to generate the metadata of their assets quickly and reliably in multiple languages and make them available for new markets.

Effective localization

Every company can localize its metadata and tag structures for customers and employees with little effort.

Group 47

Generate translations without manual effort.

Group 101

No more missing and incorrect translations

Group 59

Translate and check results without delay

Group 18

Optimize proposed translations at any time

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