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MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

Use the in CELUM Content Supply Chain Management platform centrally managed assets directly in your campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Synchronise assets from CELUM
to Microsoft Dynamics

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Integration, you can synchronise your images from CELUM to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing App. Then you can use the assets in marketing campaigns or other workflows.

The integration system is tracking the usage of these assets and notifies CELUM about the usages. In CELUM you can see where an asset is used in Dynamics 365 and you can synchronise the content of whole nodes to Dynamics 365.

The project integration is customisable to your specific needs. Developed by netcare.


Save time by letting the integration do all the asset synchronisation between CELUM and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Enrich your assets with metadata and tags in CELUM only and the integration will send these to Dynamics 365 Marketing automatically.

Define your marketing assets scope in CELUM once and use the setup for Dynamics 365 continuously.

See the Dynamics 365 Marketing App usages in CELUM directly.

use cases

Synchronise your Assets

The graphics department saves all relevant and approved assets to CELUM. These assets are synchronised instantly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can be used by the Marketing department in campaigns.

Use your Assets

Each reference to a campaign that uses a Content Hub asset in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is saved directly on the asset in CELUM. This gives you a perfect overview of which campaign assets are used in detail.

Group 32

Automatic asset synchronisation from CELUM to Dynamics 365 Marketing

Group 44

Tracking the usage of CELUM assets in Dynamics 365 and transferring this info to CELUM

Group 69

View the use of the assets in Dynamics 365 within CELUM

Group 36

Use of CELUM metadata in Dynamics 365 for CELUM assets

The Integration in action

presented by Patrick Holetzky, IT-developer and CELUM consultant at netcare, and Johanna Schipke, Solution Architect & Project Manager at CELUM.

See how CELUM seamlessly works with MS Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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