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novomind iPIM

Produktinformationen aus novomind iPIM mit Produktassets in der CELUM Content Supply Chain Management Plattformsynchronisieren.
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Synchronise product information with
product assets in CELUM

The CELUM novomind integration synchronises product information and structures from novomind iPIM with CELUM.

Synchronisation of elements down to the product/article level takes place automatically at certain intervals. The defined attribute are stored on the asset when the assets are automatically or manually assigned to the product structure. This allows asset searches with product information also in CELUM.

Product images are made available for novomind iPIM as URL or as a binary attribute (e.g. preview) or novomind Asset. Matching is triggered as soon as the product asset is added, changed or deleted.

The project integration is customisable to your specific needs. Developed by brix IT Solutions.


By managing your assets in CELUM and your product data in novomind iPIM, you create the perfect product experience for all channels.

Find product assets in CELUM using product information from novomind.

Besides product information in the novomind iPIM, you can also view the product assets (images, videos, documents) stored in CELUM.

Thanks to the synchronisation of the PIM structure down to the product/article level, you always have a full overview.

use cases

DAM & PIM united in Webshop

A company intends to display the product on the web store as an image and the associated product information as a unit. Thanks to CELUM novomind iPIM integration, merging the information stored on novomind iPIM and CELUM is effortless.

Always up-to-date Assets

To provide images, videos, etc., the product manager uses drag&drop to assign the assets in CELUM to the structure or this is done automatically on the basis of the product ID. An automatic reconciliation is carried out as soon as the assets are added, changed or deleted, so that all product assets are always up-to-date.


Publication of product information with current images and other assets

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Linking product-specific assets from CELUM to novomind iPIM

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Definable download formats and exports of product assets

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Seamless integration of CELUM and novomind iPIM

See how CELUM seamlessly works with novomind iPIM.

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