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Sales enablement with CELUM and Showpad

The right sales enablement strategy is essential for achieving the best possible sales results: You need to prepare your salespeople with the right content at the right time.

Showpad offers a collaboration platform between sales and marketing. All assets that are related to the sales or training process can be centrally stored and managed in CELUM and used in the Showpad application – via desktop or mobile device. This enables your salesforce to build valuable relationships, deliver perfect customer experiences and sell efficiently and effectively.


Upload and manage your sales material in CELUM and afterwards offer the assets within Showpad. Use the well-known information from CELUM like description, tags, permission information, languages or authors.


Manage your assets in CELUM and distribute them via Showpad

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Use the CELUM known keywords within your Showpad instance

No worry about updates: Automatically have the latest CELUM version available in Showpad​

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Make the right content easy to find and available to the right salespeople

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The CELUM Marketplace Terms & Conditions apply for this integration.