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Effortlessly incorporate assets centrally managed in your CELUM content supply chain management platform into your typo3 pages.
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Integrate CELUM content into the Typo3 file list

The TYPO3 connector extends the TYPO3 menu by a celum:connect entry for selecting and importing CELUM assets.
User-friendly configuration options allow seamless integration enabling fast and optimised working.

By connecting CELUM with TYPO3 CMS, the assets in the DAM are marked with a “TYPO3 Bullet” in order to immediately show which assets are used. This prevents accidental deletion of used media. Assets from CELUM can be connected to the TYPO3 system either via download or via a link. Alternatively, you can also directly connect to selected CELUM nodes through the TYPO3 FAL, which then become directly available in TYPO3. The connection to the TYPO3 system takes place through a download into the TYPO3 file system.

Connect your assets on the TYPO3 file system using celum:connect (link or download) or use TYPO3 FAL (download).

The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by brix IT Solutions.


Work faster and more efficiently with seamless integration and easy-to-use configuration options.

See which assets are already in use and avoid accidentally deleting media.

Easily find the files you need by using the Asset picker.

Connect your assets on the TYPO3 file system using celum:connect (link or download) or use TYPO3 FAL (download).

use cases

Released media

Direct access to your assets in CELUM enables the use of current and released media.


With the Asset Picker the needed files can be searched, found and selected easily and quickly.


Publish articles with current media objects

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Connect media objects from CELUM to the TYPO3 system

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Predefinable download formats per media type

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Cross-reference in

See how CELUM seamlessly works with TYPO3.

Streamlining content creation and management of assets, simplifying online proofing and collaboration, to facilitate a content exploration experience that wows your audiences.

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