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Create appealing WordPress articles

With the WordPress connector, you launch media objects from CELUM directly into your WordPress articles quickly and easily.

The connector enables editors to select images and other media objects in their familiar WordPress environment and simply insert them into an article.

The media object is saved in the WordPress media library for future use in publications resp. directly linked from CELUM to WordPress. The media objects are available at any time for additional WordPress articles.

Whenever a CELUM asset is in use, this is automatically noted in an information field and marked with a WordPress bullet. As a result, accidental deletion of an active asset in CELUM is avoided.

The editor remains in his familiar environment and intuitively accesses the media objects shared in CELUM.

At any time, the latest media objects from CELUM are available.

Only shared media can be used in WordPress.

The media objects are always integrated with the correct format using predefined download formats.

Browse and place images

Editors need a suitable image for a WordPress article. He is able to conduct searches directly in the article by using the search dialog and is provided with the appropriate images. With a few clicks, the image will be correctly integrated.

Link documents

For the placement of up-to-date documents (general terms and conditions, fact sheets, etc.), the editor accesses CELUM and positions the document as a reference. In the case of changes to the original, manual updating is no longer necessary.

Group 44

The editor can search for media objects in CELUM directly in WordPress

Group 78

The media owner can clearly identify the usage type (copy or reference)

Group 122

The editor defines whether changes in CELUM affect the publication during placement.

Group 59

The system administrator can make all settings in a simple and self-explanatory way.

The wordpress connector for celum


We recommend the use of CELUM ContentLand if image galleries or document downloads including metadata are to be integrated into WordPress easily and up-to-date at any time.

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