Seamless integration of CELUM content supply chain management platform in the myview xmedia PIM system and bidirectional synchronisation.
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Sync assets between xmedia PIM and CELUM

The xmedia Asset Browser of myview systems is the integration module for accessing and visually selecting media assets organised in CELUM.

Using the web-based light box, which is integrated into the xmedia AssetBrowser, you can seamlessly access assets stored in CELUM and assign these assets to products, product groups and publication elements. The xmedia AssetBrowser provides a comprehensive integration of assets from CELUM into the xmedia Product Information Management system (PIM).

The best practice project is customisable to your specific needs. Developed by myview.


The light table UI of the media AssetBrowser displays all asset info. The mass data mgmt. component incl. a preview functionality.

ADVANCED AUTOMATION Assets can be automatically assigned in media and data can be transmitted bi-directionally between CELUM and xmedia.

Mgmt. and selection options are provided as web-based UI. The browser-based light table is seamlessly integrated into the media UI.

Searching for assets is as simple as searching the web. Both simple keyword searches and complex search queries are possible.

use cases

Efficient data maintenance

You have perfectly organised all data in xmedia PIM and are managing all enterprise assets centralised in CELUM. The xmedia integration allows the Product Manager to link product data to images and documents in no time. Graphically interactive, using drag and drop, without leaving your familiar user interface. 

Product-Asset reference on the spot

CELUM and xmedia are synchronised via the integration. Metadata is available throughout both system, where-used lists can be polled from both directions. New versions of assets are instantly available in all PIM process chains. Delete or change operations and trigger notification functions automatically.


Direct access of all assets from xmedia (incl. preview and meta data)

Group 54

Maintenance and access to assets even without product reference

Group 32

Enhance product information in xmedia with current and synced asset data

Group 98

Ensure that product information for all publication channels are complete and up to date

See how CELUM seamlessly works with xmedia.

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Asset 20

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