Skillz Middle East


Building on the principles of business consulting Skillz ME is an adviser and supplier of business solutions in the creative industry and tailor-made customer communication solutions with extended service offering. The business approach is customer oriented specializing in fulfillment of customer needs rather than specializing in certain products.

Skillz ME team of professionals with more than +25 years of industry knowledge combines today’s technologies and products with added value service, professional industry experience and direct advisory approach to help organizations to succeed in today’s fast moving environment.
Skillz ME combines market leading technologies in data capture, process management, big data analytic and interactive mobile capabilities that enable organizations to increase their customer experience, increase their loyalty, provide better service, gain a competitive advantage and better grow their businesses while reducing operating costs.

Skillz Middle East and Digital Marketing

Marketing is changing so quickly it’s hard to be sure you’re making the most of every opportunity. Let Skillz ME show you the way. Our solutions offer marketers amazing new possibilities, and with training, support, and expertise from our vendors like Adobe, Google and Lithium, we can help you maximize both impact and revenue.

As the first partner of Adobe, we brought the Adobe Digital Marketing offering to the middle east this includes solutions like Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud. We complete the offering with our expertise in International Marketing and digital marketing experts.

Skillz Middle East and Digital Asset Management

Today’s organizations are challenged with the overload of digital content. Hardware vendors are developing capturing devices for photos or video with higher resolution and more critical with proprietary formats to preserve information for later editing and true color space.

Skillz Middle East is helping organizations and enterprises to fulfill a complete creative workflow from capturing, managing, monetize and delivery of digital content optimized for channels and personalized for audience.

With Celum digital asset management this workflow can be easy realized to reach a higher ROI, lower the TCO and have a quick to market solution on the fingertip.
With our analyst team and experience in many projects we deliver best practice in creative teams to streamline and optimize the creative workflow for digital content.


All capabilities of CELUM in one platform with the world’s most powerful DAM.

The team solution if you just need to collect feedback and approve any content.


High-end digital asset management for your content.

Bring tasks, files and teams together in agile workrooms.

Easily build custom workflows and automate recurring tasks.

Collect feedback and annotate and approve content.

Store, access and share files GDPR-compliant and safe.

Access to over one hundred applications and extensions.