A system for any content

Store and organize all your marketing and product assets in one place and put content in front of your audience.

Did you have to manage your content twice today?

Bring peace to your mind and store all files centrally in one place. Combine Sitecore CMS/DXP and CELUM to seamlessly link digital assets and make changes automatically. Numerous of our customers benefit from using CELUM to give more power to Sitecore CMS/DXP and eliminate tedious and manual work. 

Seamless Integration

Manage all centrally stored media assets directly in Sitecore. Break up content silos with industry-leading integrations and route your content wherever needed – from creative tools, to PIMs and to your commerce or DX platform. Connect your asset database with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 and access files directly from your familiar interface.

Content Distribution

Manage assets end-to-end and put content in front of your audience – free all your media assets in the best format for any channel. Dynamically convert files into different formats and automate their distribution to crucial touchpoints – such as your website or social media. 

Multilingual Metadata

Add essential metadata to your content and transform mere files into meaningful digital assets. CELUMs taxonomy is fully customizable and supports multiple languages. Assign tags automatically with the help of AI and make meta information available in any connected system.

Combine the Power of Digital Asset Management with Sitecore


Store all media assets centrally and use them directly in Sitecore


Fast integration via interfaces


Simple operation directly in the Sitecore editing system


Automatic monitoring of copyright licenses

Companies that use Sitecore and CELUM

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