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CELUM and Frontify team up


The Swiss MarTech company Frontify enters into a strategic partnership with CELUM, which includes a comprehensive integration of both systems. This integration will significantly expand the scope and performance of the CELUM cloud platform and offer customers even more functionality in the area of brand management.

Brand management with frontify

Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform that connects everything and everyone. With Frontify, brand communication can be managed centrally and digitally – an extremely important requirement for the growth and evolution of a brand. A dedicated design system, smart “on-brand” templates, and numerous integrations with design tools make Frontify the perfect solution when corporate identity and corporate design are not only to be set up in the company, but also to be lived.

We’re proud to work with amazing brands around the world to help them achieve their brand management goals, and teaming up with CELUM means we can ensure full support for those with particularly high product content needs. It’s an exciting time to team up and we are eager for the road ahead.
Roger Dudler
Founder & CEO of Frontify

Product content with CELUM

Perfect product experiences are built with perfect product content – at any point in the customer journey. With CELUM, marketing teams create, manage and route vast volumes of product content and fully utilize their marketing assets across all digital touchpoints.

The platform combines digital asset management with agile collaboration, workflows & automation, online proofing, and file sync & share. CELUM is the best solution to manage content end-to-end and directly route into any CMS, Commerce or Marketing Automation tool.

With this partnership, we combine the best of both worlds: While Frontify specializes in all aspects of brand management, CELUM plays to its strengths handling vast volumes of product-related marketing assets and routing them into all sorts of applications. We are super happy to have Frontify as a strong partner for brand management on our side and are absolutely certain that many customers will appreciate this integrated approach.
Michael Kräftner
Founder & CEO of CELUM

Frontify & CELUM – better together

CELUM and Frontify will empower brands to manage all digital assets as well as meta information and guidelines associated with it, thus ensuring consistency between brand and product content.

The new partnership enables both platforms to work together seamlessly for:

  • a central source of all content – brand as well as product assets,
  • brand consistency and comprehensive brand guidelines,
  • inclusivity in brand building,
  • all product content and meta-information in one place,
  • end-to-end availability of content in all applications,
  • smart and dynamic creative collaboration.
Are you already leveraging your content to the fullest?
Contact us if you want to learn more about our upcoming integration with Frontify.

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