CELUM Robots liberate you from boring work

Say goodbye to repetitive work and hello to more time for creating exceptional content together with your team. The latest CELUM update introduces new robots helping you to automate your teamwork.

Let robots assign people to tasks based on the progress stage

Have you ever experienced that a project gets stuck because some tasks were simply forgotten? The problem mostly occurs when task responsibilities were not clearly allocated. CELUM Robots make sure that a task never slips through the cracks again: You can make it mandatory for a task to be assigned to somebody at a certain stage or that the task gets automatically assigned to specific team members.

CELUM users can for example set up a workflow for print folders, in which a robot first assigns the task to a copywriter, after his work is done, the task gets assigned to a designer, and finally the marketing manager is assigned for approval

Allow only task list owners to move or edit tasks

In addition, we improved the task list owner functionality. Easily assign task owners for specific lists and determine if a task can only be moved or if it can be edited and moved by task list owners.

Manage your due dates with ease

Based on user feedback we also improved the management of due dates. You can now determine for each list on the Kanban board what due date should be set or that a due date gets automatically deleted in a certain list.
Automatically deleting due dates comes in especially handy if you like to use “done” lists. By automatically deleting due dates and responsibilities, you can keep the task alive, but at the same time make sure that everything stays clean and up to date.

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