CELUM named a strong performer

In today’s omni channel world, a Digital Asset Management solution is so much more than just a place to store your files.

A DAM system is now a business-critical piece of any enterprise martech stack, making it easier than ever before to create, manage and share content with peers, partners and all your other marketing platforms.

With the latest Forrester’s Wave report, the team around Nick Barber took a deep dive and analyzed the 14 most important DAM providers worldwide. The result is an impressive piece of research that helps you to understand how those vendors stack up and how to select the right one for your needs.

CELUM is the top choice for enterprise collaboration

CELUM was named a strong performer in the DAM market with top scores possible in the following criteria where our product provides superior capabilities relative to others included in this evaluation:

  • Content collaboration support
  • Market approach

“CELUM’s strengths include its workflow capabilities, particularly around its content collaboration support, and it offers on-par enterprise integrations. Its customer references were some of the few who used the DAM solution for both work-in-progress and finalized assets, and they noted that the native workflow capabilities were solid. CELUM is a good fit for luxury goods or manufacturing companies that need, for example, support for work-in-progress assets but not heavy-duty video capabilities.” writes Nick Barber in the report.

A future-proof market strategy pays off

The DAM category, in line with the rest of the marketing technology landscape, is evolving quickly and we are more than proud to have received the highest possible scores for our market approach, among other excellent scores. This underlines our confidence to further outperform the market growth in 2020. I really want to thank the whole team here at CELUM for their hard work in delivering outstanding results and improving our offerings on a daily basis.

Michael Kräftner
You can access the report here and find out how CELUM compares to other vendors in the market.

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