CELUM’s image editor enables a quick way for editing images

Marketers and designers know how painfully time-consuming even minor image edits can be. You always need to open an app, make your edits, save them, and upload the new file to your storage …

Edit images in your content hub

In the latest release of the CELUM Digital Asset Management version we updated the image editor to make the whole process of modifying images much easier.

The image editor comes in a new design and offers image editing capabilities such as cropping, flipping, and rotating. Users can also pre-define crop box sizes, so that they just need to be selected from a list. 

The CELUM image editor offers simple image editing options

Check for duplicated content

A clean and tidy content hub will deliver you a smooth media asset management experience.

We are now better supporting you in doing this by enabling the duplicate check feature: It performs a check on the assets being uploaded against all assets already in your repository.

Duplicated content check by CELUM

Find similar images

Another great addition for your media asset management is our AI-powered extension for finding similar images. The AI identifies similar patterns in your image library and provides you with alternatives. It was never easier to find fresh material in your database!

Duplicated content check by CELUM

Text Extraction & Object Detection

To find the most relevant content for your needs, you can take advantage of the automated classification done by the Object Detection, based on the extracted visual data (objects and backgrounds). The Text Extraction complements the Object Detection by reading all the texts in the image and making them searchable.

CELUM software recognizes objects in images and can add automatically fitting metadata info

These and many more features are available within CELUM’s Digital Asset Management solution, included in our CELUM Enterprise offering.

Click here, to get a better overview of how we help companies to make their content work.

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