New cockpit for WorkRooms

Keeping up with all tasks and projects can be a tedious job. CELUM makes it now easier for marketers and content creators to manage all parts of their content process in one place.

With the latest CELUM update, we introduced:

  1. A new decluttered cockpit that shows all your projects and tasks.
  2. A work administration dashboard to manage workrooms settings.
  3. An organization switcher for people working with several entities.
  4. Design improvements for a better user experience.

Organize all your digital work

Release your inner Marie Kondō and prioritize, group, and file all the projects to your personal needs. After you logged into WorkRooms, the first thing you will see is the new cockpit overview. The left side of the screen is dedicated to managing and organizing your workrooms: You can create new groups, move them up or down, quickly create new default workrooms or create more advanced workrooms based on templates.


We are providing now a better focus on your personal tasks. Users can sort tasks by due date or by name. Tasks due today are highlighted in orange, while overdue tasks are highlighted in red.

Better work administration

A new work administration dashboard can be accessed via the system bar.

Users with permission can finish, delete, or re-open a workroom from there. In addition, the dashboard shows the latest activity in each workroom and how many tasks have been created and files added.

New organization switcher

We also introduced an easy way to switch between organization in WorkRooms. This is useful for people working with several clients, such as agencies, freelancers or consultants. They can now easily work on different accounts within the same application.

The new release also brings minor visual adjustments: New buttons, a rounded design with more whitespace, as well as new subheadings offers users an even better orientation. 

Convince yourself right now and start with CELUM for free.

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