GODELMANN Creates a Rock-Solid Foundation for Media Distribution

GODELMANN has been managing all digital content with CELUM since 2015. Thanks to the media library, the sales representatives can access the latest product images and documents themselves at any time and can immediately share them. Almost all the asset requests marketing receives are from external parties, which they can answer 90 percent faster than before thanks to CELUM. Production times for catalogs have been reduced by a third. As a next step, CELUM will be connected to the new website and the new PIM, xmedia, this year and will provide them with assets including metadata in the future.


Images are hard to find

With its strong focus on research and development, GODELMANN reinvents stone every day.

Customers can currently freely combine over 1,400 colors and 16 different surfaces from the full product range. With the huge number of product variants and related content, GODELMANN had clear goals. Product images had to be clearly allocated, centrally stored, and the distribution of images had to be optimized. This included eliminating duplicates and double storage of different image formats as well as sizes, resulting in a significant reduction of storage space.

They aimed to stop converting images to various download formats and sharing them via WeTransfer. Sales colleagues needed easy access to up-to-date assets. The marketing team wished to distribute larger files in an easy, targeted, and legally compliant manner while keeping track of who has access to which content.

Since we started using the CELUM media library, sales colleagues are happy to provide themselves with product content quickly and easily, which saves our marketing team a lot of time.
Sebastian Fruth
Marketing & Communication


2015 GODELMANN chose CELUM as its digital asset management solution and has been managing all digital content with it ever since. GODELMANN employees, for example, especially appreciate the user-friendly application, the support and the regular intensive exchange with other customers and CELUM representatives in the CELUM Usergroup.

The now 7-person marketing team implements most agendas itself. The integration of Adobe-InDesign and Microsoft 365 makes their day-to-day work much easier. Only two marketing employees have CELUM administrator rights. Architects, technical drafters, and laboratory staff have access and upload rights to precisely defined CELUM areas.

One marketing employee manages the upload and assignment of product images in CELUM and publishes them in the media library using CELUM Smart Views. Assigned asset metadata and numerous synonyms proved to be very helpful in finding files. External users do not have direct access to CELUM, but use the media library or object collections.

1,400 colors & 16 surfaces combinable

Faster asset finding & sharing

Faster in catalog production

CMS, XMEDIA, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft 365

SINCE 2015

Media library as a single point of content

Thanks to the CELUM media library, sales staff can view current images and documents prior to or during an appointment and send them via e-mail if required. Customers have access to the media library as well. Requests to the marketing team are thus obsolete. The media library is easy to filter and can be used on the go. It has a highly reduced folder structure and is structured differently than the GODELMANN website and the CELUM backend.

Object collections for external image requests

For example, if a building merchant creates a catalog, their marketing department sends a list of the included products to GODELMANN. The marketing employee at GODELMANN selects the required images in CELUM, stores them as an object collection in a new folder, and defines its period of use. The download format will be adapted accordingly and anonymized. To ensure legal security, the usage guidelines are included in the PIN link, which is then sent by the GODELMANN employee to the retailer and must be confirmed upon download. Unlimited data can be provided and updated.



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