Hansgrohe: Faster on The Market With a Constant DAM – PIM Data Stream

The Hansgrohe Group, the leading manufacturer of fittings and showers for kitchens and bathrooms, has been relying on CELUM Digital Asset Management (DAM) software since 2010. There were two deciding factors, which CELUM DAM effortlessly implemented: on one hand, the management of thousands of images and marketing materials in various languages, and on the other, simple distribution of data to add to Hansgrohe’s many websites.


Efficiently Organize Marketing Processes

Based in Germany, Hansgrohe has 34 businesses and 21 sales offices in 143 countries worldwide. With around 4,800 employees, the company achieves a turnover of over a billion euros, 77 percent of which comes from abroad. This global company structure requires sophisticated and efficient marketing & communication.

Hansgrohe covers 2 product brands, around 19,400 product types and at least 48,500 product variants. A new digital structure was needed for their diverse data (images, drawings, publications), which had reached an amount where a clear overview was no longer possible. For Hansgrohe, the solution was a DAM system to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Marketing: provision of various image formats for the website, electronic part replacement catalogue, mobile website & architect platform
  • Technical documentation: maintenance and management of assets for product information management (PIM) and their attachments
  • Customer service:
    • export options for large quantities of data
    • download and send the assets attached to the product to the customer
With CELUM DAM, our digital architecture has been expanded by an integral building block that has now become indispensable: it’s increased the efficiency of our digital processes enormously.
Stefan Vollmer
Business Processes & Digital Media

A system that integrates DAM and PIM

In 2010, Hansgrohe replaced their existing multimedia bank with CELUM DAM, which fulfilled all their requirements. Today, the CELUM solution manages 163,000 objects with a total data volume of around 1.6 terabytes. 120 users work with CELUM DAM to manage data and search for products internally.

Over the course of the implementation, the company introduced a total of 14 asset types and various information fields. This allowed better tagging and simplified the finding of assets for internal product searches. These assets can now be automatically transferred to the websites and removed again via a web service. This is especially advantageous in the case of image rights that are running out, in order to avoid violating copyright law.






1,6 TB

Hansgrohe’s Marketing and Public Relations departments benefit enormously from the introduction of CELUM DAM: with the help of the CELUM Pin Link tool, Hansgrohe can also provide journalists with specific assets for relevant press releases. Video management was also simplified, and other systems significantly relieved.

CELUM DAM fits perfectly into Hansgrohe’s digital architecture. The connection between the PIM system SAP Commerce and CELUM DAM facilitates the flexible and simple exchange of product data. The presentation of the related assets on the websites, the electronic replacement part catalogue and the in-house architecture platform now run smoothly and effectively.

Leader in innovation, design and quality within the bath and kitchen industry.

Based in Schiltach/Baden-Württemberg, the Hansgrohe Group, with its brands AXOR and hansgrohe, is active in the bathroom and kitchen sector. With 34 businesses, 21 sales offices and operations in over 140 countries, the company is a reliable partner for its clients around the globe. In 2016, the Hansgrohe Group achieved a turnover of over a billion euros. The company employs 4,800 staff worldwide, 60% of which are based in Germany.


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