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The Single Source of Truth For a Growing Global Company


Sartorius, a leading international partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry, partnered with CELUM to create a single source of truth for all digital assets. With almost 16,000 employees serving customers worldwide, Sartorius was looking for a content supply chain platform with powerful digital asset management capabilities to get the right content into the right channels and to the right users as quickly as possible. Seamless integration with other systems including their website, eShop and PIM was particularly important to the company, so they could streamline their processes and focus on their company mission – empowering scientists and engineers to simplify and accelerate progress in life science and bioprocessing.



Operating across 60 locations in 30 countries around the world, Sartorius is a truly global company. However, their digital asset management processes could not keep up with the growing demands of their rapid international growth.

As there was no single source of truth, different asset versions were scattered across local folders, shared drives and other platforms. The company was dependent on external agencies. Due to the lack of guidelines and best practices, it was difficult for employees and agency partners to find the latest version of high-quality assets. This was a burden for the sales and marketing teams, who were responsible for responding to requests for assets, and quality control was limited. Especially, the marketing team needed one unified, easy-to-use content supply chain platform to service all digital asset needs worldwide and increase the quality stands of assets.

“CELUM is our web-based single source of truth, and with its APIs we were able to build real-time automated integrations into other Sartorius platforms like our website, our eShop and the PIM system.“
Franziska Lis
Product Owner eBusiness Platforms


Sartorius partnered with CELUM in 2018 and chose to integrate CELUM software with their Active Directory and MS Azure instances to provide internal Single Sign-On (SSO), along with support for managing external users and two-factor authentication (2FA). The CELUM content supply chain platform with its powerful digital asset management functionalities was rapidly established internally as the “go-to-source” for company and product assets of Sartorius, including images, videos, documents, and presentations. The marketing team could easily provide the latest version of assets around the globe. Employees appreciated the flexibility of the international self-service system available on-demand 24/7 and were also satisfied with the increased quality of assets. They were able to distribute assets to other channels, such as social media or client presentations, more efficiently. Finally, Sartorius had one system to service all digital asset needs worldwide and could replace less efficient local drives as well as the previous digital asset management system. Sartorius is supported by our partner Comspace.

Currently, over 3,500 Sartorius employees and 220 external users such as creative agencies, printers, trade partners and distributors rely on the CELUM software. This number continues to increase day by day.

Sartorius employees


first half of 2021

aktive users

WCMS CoreMedia
SAP Commerce

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From unmanaged duplicates to one central source

Departments no longer need to copy an asset and upload it to their various project management tools. Instead, they can simply access the latest version of the asset in CELUM.

Seamless integration across multiple systems

The CELUM content supply chain platform is integrated into numerous Sartorius platforms including their website (WCMS based on CoreMedia), eShop (running on SAP Commerce), and product information system (PIM from Stibo systems), as well as other internal systems. Assets are managed centrally, with all changes pushed out to the connected platforms automatically.


The Sartorius Group is a leading international partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry. Their mission is to empower scientists and engineers to simplify and accelerate progress in life science and bioprocessing. The group has experienced growth year-over-year and earned sales revenue of over €3.3 billion in 2022.


With CELUM, you inspire customers with compelling content about your product world. 


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