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brutkasten Live-Talk “Next Level Shopping Experiences”

brutkasten Live-Talk “Next Level Shopping Experiences powered by Cloud" with Michael J. Kraeftner from CELUM and Robert Voitleithner from Microsoft

Online live Event

Monday, 13 December 2021, 4:00 pm CET
(in German)

In the era of digital commerce, brands and retailers in all industries and countries are expected to offer more: greater choice, faster delivery, better prices, and higher quality, without compromising on the particular shopping experience that customers have come to expect from their favorite vendors.

Every interaction can lead to a purchase anywhere and at any time – making the point of sale increasingly indeterminate. Today’s eager-to-buy “connected customer” heads to the store for showrooming, compares prices “on the fly,” and then closes the transaction hours later on his mobile device. They no longer experience the brand through individual media or channels, but as a comprehensive communication and product experience.

But how can the “experience gap” between in-store, mobile and online be closed?

Can virtual product experiences replace “the real thing”?

And what role do technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality or 360-degree content play?

Michael J. Kräftner, founder and CEO of CELUM, will answer these and other questions in the brutkasten Live-Talk with Robert Voitleithner, Sr. Customer Program Manager ISVs/Startups/Unicorns from Microsoft on December 13 at 4 pm.

Watch the Recording

The live talk was hosted on and the “brutkasten’s” social media channels.



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