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Metaverse & NFTs: Conquest of new markets

CELUM’s new online series offers you monthly expert knowledge from a variety of disciplines. In the current issue with Helge Ruff from OneTwoSocial and Markus Wiesenhofer from the Austrian Gallery Belvedere, we take a look at the metaverse and NFTs and their role in the conquest of new markets.

We go beyond the theoretical explanation of these new trends by taking a closer look at interesting campaigns: For example at the virtual Kaufland island “Kaufisland”. And at the “digital declaration of love” in the form of a digital piece of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” as NFTs. Moreover, we will discuss with our guests what is already happening in this area and where the digital journey into new worlds and markets is heading to.

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Helge Ruff

Helge Ruff is founder and managing director of the Munich-based agency for digital brand communication OneTwoSocial. He is at home in the world of social media and has been using this form of communication for companies ever since Facebook introduced company pages. Helge Ruff is a frequent speaker at conferences such as the Allfacebook Conference and DMEXCO. He studied business administration at the University of Mannheim with a focus on marketing, production and physics.

Helge Ruff - OneTwoSocial

Markus Wiesenhofer

Markus Wiesenhofer is Deputy Head of Communications & Marketing at the Austrian Gallery Belvedere and project coordinator for “The Kiss NFT” project. He has longstanding experience in cultural marketing and tourism and is a lecturer at various universities in Austria.

Fabian Greiler

As Chief Marketing Officer, Fabian Greiler is responsible for marketing growth strategies at CELUM. To do this, he can draw on his wealth of experience in digital marketing, PR and journalism. 

Metaverse & NFTs

Why does a museum decide to split a world-famous painting into 10,000 digital pieces and then sell them as NFTs? Why is the most famous depiction of a pair of lovers now available in a limited number of digital snippets in the digital world? 
Why is a major German supermarket chain taking the bold step of investing in a digital island in an online game?

In this talk, we look at the impact of metaverse and NFTs on the opening up of new markets.

New markets?

Yes, because “metaverse” is the umbrella term for digital worlds that offer people a new means of social interaction. However, this is not a unique three-dimensional environment, but rather a series of three-dimensional worlds that coexist, permanently. Thus, anyone can enter these worlds via the Internet and (inter)act within them.

Therefore, these “metaverses” are not only digital worlds but also “new markets,” because where there is human interaction, there is also commerce. Companies and brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Microsoft, Adidas or H&M have great expectations of these new, digital markets, in which there will be completely new income streams. And the art world is also following the trend, because NFTs are very often works of art themselves – or pieces of them.

We look forward to an exciting talk with Markus Wiesenhofer and Helge Ruff to find answers to questions like:

  • A Metaverse is practically a new marketplace – so how is the go-to-market strategy?
  • Who profits more from virtual worlds? Artists? Museums? Retailers or brand manufacturers?
  • How can companies get started in the Metaverse? What aspects must they pay attention to – apart from establishing dedicated teams in marketing and product development?
  • How important are virtual worlds? Will the Metaverse and NFTs revolutionize e-commerce?

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