Home Office & New Work – COMPUTERWELT Round Table 23.02.2021

Home office is here to stay, even after the lockdown. But what should companies pay attention to, and what success stories are there?

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  • Nora Lawender, CEO and host, NTT
  • Fred Mahringer, Head of Human Resources, A1 Telekom Austria
  • Christiane Noll, Country Manager Austria, AVANADE
  • Martina Sennebogen, Head of Global Sales, CELUM
  • Mark Winkler, Director DACH, Smart Spaces & Digital Ecosystems, KAPSCH BusinessCom
  • Thomas Gappmayr, Head of Human Resources, KONICA MINOLTA
  • Hermann Erlach, COO, MICROSOFT
  • Alfred Harl, Chairman, Fachverband UBIT
  • Stefan Grewe, Sales Director DACH – Enterprise Solutions, EPOS Audio

About this Webinar

It’ s clear today that home office is here to stay.

Previously often rejected or only permitted to a limited extent by many employers, home office is the norm in Corona and lockdown times. The Corona crisis made home office socially acceptable and also massively accelerated digitization.

Many employees now like to work from home. The majority of Austrians are apparently satisfied: four out of five employees in Austria give their own company a good report card for its response to the Corona crisis. 56 percent report newly created home office options. These are the results of the study “Workplace of the future in the digital world” by Kapsch.

Corona has thus catapulted us into a completely new working environment. The “digital Workspace 2021” is launched, but where is the journey going to in the future? Numerous solutions enable the “New World of Work” – be it in collaboration between teams and organizations, in the handling of projects and in many processes. But what should companies watch out for? What successful examples are there, where are the hurdles?

We will discuss these and many more questions with experts at a COMPUTERWELT Round Table expert panel on February 23, 2021.

Dr. Christine Wahlmüller-Schiller, Editorial Office COMPUTERWELT

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