CELUM Partner Update Call

Partner Product Update Call

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Tue, 18 May 2021, 15:00 CET

We invite our CELUM Partners to an online session with all the latest news from the CELUM ecosystem.

Michael Kräftner, Martina Sennebogen and Dietmar Wiesinger will present where the CELUM journey is leading and what important role the CELUM partners play in this journey.


Michael J. Kräftner

Founder and CEO

Martina Sennebogen

Head of Global Sales

Dietmar Wiesinger

Chief Operating Officer


3:00 pm

The CELUM Cloud

Michael Kräftner

CELUM Partner Strategy

Dietmar Wiesinger

The CELUM Sales Team and CELUM Partner contacts

Martina Sennebogen

3:45 pm

Questions & Answers

Some additional information

This online event is for CELUM Partners only!

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