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How CELUM Work accelerates your content release processes

Marketers and designers are facing growing challenges due to the increasing number of available channels and media: starting with the creation of content, with managing it, and with routing it. They also need to collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside their own organizations more transparently, efficiently, and quickly to reduce “time-to-market”.

In this webinar, Alessandro Kurzidim not only explains how to do this with CELUM Content and Work, but also demonstrates actual customer use cases. You will also get an exclusive preview of the latest features – for a turbo boost of your approval processes.

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Alessandro Kurzidim

Alessandro Kurzidim has always developed digital product solutions for both local SMEs and internationally operating corporations. After stations at styria digital one and – an IBM company, he is now Product Manager / Teamlead at CELUM. In recent years, he has shifted his focus from topics such as content and influencer marketing, change management with B2B portals or e-commerce solutions to agile product development in a Software-as-a-Service environment. Since the beginning of 2019, he has been responsible at CELUM for the development of the agile teamwork solution CELUM Work as well as its productivity tools such as, among others, CELUM Drive.

Alessandro Kurzidim


Alessandro Kurzidim kicks off with a short introduction to CELUM Work and explains for whom the solution is the ideal agile teamwork tool. He then presents real customer use cases to present how Work is currently being used and how companies benefit from it.

The new features awaiting you with the next updates are the highlight of the webinar! The live demo will show how the deepened integration with CELUM Content will help you to speed up, simplify and automate your content and approval processes.

We conclude with a Q&A session where Alessandro answers questions from out guests.

Watch the recording and find out what new work features will really boost your day-to-day work with CELUM, freeing up resources you can use to improve product experience across all channels.

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