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In today’s market, product experience is everything. Customers are bombarded with choices and if they don’t have an outstanding experience with your product from the very first touchpoint on, they will quickly move to the next option.

While customers are increasingly expecting a consistent and seamless product experience across all channels, the curation, management, routing and presentation of product content is a huge challenge for brands. This often leads to significant gaps between user expectations and what brands manage to offer.

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In this online talk, CELUM founder and CEO Michael J. Kräftner explains, how a stunning product presentation on all marketing and sales channels is crucial to providing customers with a great experience.

He further elaborates how you can create engaging, accurate and up-to-date product content, and use it on multiple channels such as the company website, product brochures, and social media. The talk also covers how an improved collaboration among teams and departments and external stakeholders ensures consistency and efficiency in product content creation and distribution.

Through real-life examples, Michael points out how a content supply chain management system can help you achieve the perfect product experience.

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The future of sales – how to stay ahead of the competition

The future of shopping experiences will be different from what we have now. Shopping will be an even more personalized, convenient, and interactive experience.

In the future, shoppers will be able to create their own shopping experience based on their preferences and needs. Convenient shoppers will no longer need to waste time travelling to crowded shopping malls or wait in line at check-outs. Instead, they can shop wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them – whether it’s through an app, voice-activated assistant or even augmented realty glasses.

Retailers will have to use data and technology to understand each shopper’s individual needs so they can offer tailored services. This could include everything from customizing products to offering exclusive deals or rewards.

In this shopping future, product experiences truly are everything. A positive experience can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong advocate of your brand. Yet, an experience where, for example, a product is not displayed correctly, shown in the wrong colors, is not displayed in 3-D, or without the correct material description will drive the shopper away to another brand in the pace of a single click.

Can you afford to present your perfect products in a less than perfect way?

If not, sign up and join Michael J. Kräftner and Martin Babry, who will provide insights on how you can improve the way your customers interact with your brand.

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Michael J. Kräftner

Michael Johann Kraeftner, Founder and CEO of CELUM. During his first year at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in the department of Media Technology- and Design, Michael co-founded his first company. Which happened to be one of Austria’s first internet agencies. The founding of the agency was followed by the formation of CELUM in 2004, a company that now has nearly 130 employees in offices all over Europe. Being the prototype of a bootstrapping scale-up and headquartered in Linz, Austria, CELUM is the leading innovator of Content Supply Chain Management and Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems.

Michael is a recognized expert in the fields of digital product experiences and New Work. . He is an active investor in the Austrian startup sector. He is active in Austrian politics and engaged in public policy topics like gender equity and sustainability. Michael is an avid sailor and private pilot.

Martin Babry

Martin Babry, CMO at CELUM, is responsible for the global marketing of all products. As an experienced marketer, he knows that content can only develop its full effect if the right experts, processes and tools come together. Otherwise, creating, managing and delivering first-class content can quickly become a mammoth task.

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