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How Switzerland Tourism summits Marketing Peaks

How to keep control of some 75,000 assets – including around 5,000 videos with 17 TB – in 35 offices around the world?

The tourism marketing organization Switzerland Tourism (ST) has been promoting demand for Switzerland as a vacation, travel and convention destination at home and abroad for over 100 years. In doing so, it also significantly influences the image of Switzerland abroad. With its successful campaigns and videos, Switzerland Tourism has definitely summited the marketing peaks.

Join us for the upcoming online talk with Head of Productions Oliver Nyffeler and ICT Senior Project Manager André Albrecht. They will discuss Switzerland Tourism’s content strategy and also tell you how the new Digital Asset Management System “SAM” contributes to the success of this strategy – and thus to Switzerland as a tourist destination.

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CELUM Exclusive Insights into the Content Strategy of Switzerland Tourism


André Albrecht

As ICT Senior Project Manager, André Albrecht realises projects like migrating 3 legacy systems into a brand new DAM at Switzerland Tourism. He is also the counterpart for new initiatives that requires IT-Project Management skills.

Oliver Nyffeler

Oliver Nyffeler is Head Productions and a such together with his team responsible for the implementation and production of Switzerland Tourism’s graphic, photo, and film assets. He is also overseeing the storage and management of these assets in Switzerland Tourism’s new DAM.

Martin Babry

Martin Babry, CMO at CELUM, is responsible for the global marketing of all products. As an experienced marketer, he knows that content can only develop its full effect if the right experts, processes and tools come together. Otherwise, creating, managing and delivering first-class content can quickly become a mammoth task.

Benefits for you

This live talk covers current marketing topics relevant to more than just the tourism industry. Join us and get answers from our guests to questions like:

What does such a successful tourism destination pay special attention to in marketing? How has the content strategy developed? How difficult is the balancing act between B2B and B2C target groups? Where is the content for the campaigns produced? How do the 35 foreign offices around the world collaborate? And what is it like to work with Roger Federer ;-)?

Particular focus will be placed on the areas of content, video and asset management:

What role does video content play for Switzerland Tourism?

How does a globally active tourism organization, which depends massively on the quality of its visual assets, deal with content? How did Switzerland Tourism react to the entirely new communication channels that have emerged over the last ten years? How did the company adapt its own content strategy to the new requirements?

Worldwide content distribution

How and where is content created? What are the approval processes? Where are digital assets stored and how are they managed? What is particularly important? How are rights managed? And how is content distributed to the 35 foreign offices?

How does CELUM help?

The rapid development of channels, formats, implementation options and the associated new challenges and requirements meant that ST needed a new, uniform and up-to-date system for managing the large volume of digital assets. With CELUM, ST now easily manages, organizes, and distributes its content worldwide. How? Find out in this talk.

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