User-generated content for brand marketing campaigns

User-generated content (UGC) is ideal for creating an authentic brand image and thus sustainably strengthening customer loyalty.
The webinar with “Die Bildbeschaffer” shows how you can keep a close eye on the rights of the users, the people shown and the image rights for further use of UGC.

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Alexander Karst

Alexander Karst, founder and owner of “Die Bildbeschaffer”, has been working in advertising since 1994 and in the image industry since 1998. He is a lecturer at the BAW in Munich, trains and coaches companies and agencies in dealing with images, image rights and the many facets around images, film and media.

Alexander Karst von Die Bildbeschaffer

Johanna Schipke

Johanna has been with CELUM for over 8 years and is a Solution Architect & Project Manager responsible for Presales, Partner Enablement and Customer Success. Her wide range of responsibilities also includes the delivery of partner and customer trainings as well as the production of product or training videos and personalized customer demos. She is also responsible for RFPs and customer support.

About this Webinar

How does a UGC process including image rights, selection, approval, metadata, licensing and storage in the asset library work?

In this webinar, an example use case highlights not only the simple handling of the content, but also the legal framework.


The webinar is held in German!



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