Adobe Experience Manager

The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by netcare.

With the AEM integration, you can use assets from CELUM in Adobe Experience Manager seamlessly

AEM Integration links Adobe CMS with CELUM.

The Adobe author can access the centrally managed assets (image, video, text) via search in his familiar environment and integrate them into his publications. The search and selection are based on the CELUM structure. Dependent metadata of the assets are also transferred. This transfer happens immediately in the event of changes and can additionally be secured by regular synchronization. The synchronized folder and used assets are each marked with a “bullet”.

The author is informed of any changes to an asset published in AEM. These assets are updated based on the individual project configuration between CELUM and AEM.

The integration works in the cloud or on-premise.

AEM Integration synchronizes assets from CELUM quickly.

The integration makes sure your assets are up to date in AEM.

Automatic publication of assets can be configured according to your needs.

AEM Integration is simple to use as it is integrated into AEM and CELUM.

synchronize folders & assets

Manage your digital assets in CELUM and select which folders – including all containing assets – you want to synchronize to Adobe Experience Manager Assets. The files will be updated automatically and include metadata and tags.


If you enriched your assets with custom metadata in CELUM, the integration allows you to map these information to the basic AEM Assets properties or to IPTC fields.

Group 32

Synchronize assets from CELUM to AEM continually

Group 35

Select any folders in CELUM to keep their content synchronized

Group 36

All your asset’s metadata enriched in CELUM will be available in AEM

Group 38 Copy

Use keywords in CELUM to tag your assets in AEM

See the integration in action

presented by Patrick Holetzky (netcare) and Christoph Zaiko (CELUM).

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The CELUM Marketplace Terms & Conditions apply for this integration.


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