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DeepL Translation

Process optimisation and quality improvement by contextual machine translation directly in CELUM content supply chain management platform.
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Process optimisation and quality improvement by contextual machine translation directly in CELUM

The German translation service DeepL significantly surpasses comparable online translators in terms of translation quality.

The DeepL integration solution in CELUM enables the automatic translation of metadata in individual assets, as a bulk operation in all assets of a structure node or even via System Task. Once the assets have been selected, the media manager at CELUM can have information fields such as licence texts, meta tags or the description translated from a defined source language into a selectable target language in a very short time. Time-consuming communication and cumbersome workflows are replaced by an automated process, minimising errors considerably. All languages currently offered by DeepL are supported.

The best practice project will be customisable to your specific needs. Developed by comspace.


Machine translation not only saves time, it also eliminates the cost-intensive services of external translation agencies.

DSGVO compliant, European hosting, deletion of all texts directly after translation – the DeepL Service ensures high data security.

DeepL Translation integration currently supports 72 language combinations. There are 9 languages available in very high quality.

Inefficient or error-prone workflows are no longer required when precise, high-quality translations are available at the push of a button.

use cases


International companies face the challenge of providing their employees with centrally maintained media in all relevant national languages quickly and easily. Information can be translated directly from CELUM into selected languages with just a few clicks.


Media managers do not have to wait for the DeepL Translation Connect service if entire structure nodes are to be translated. The process is executed in the background so that work can continue in CELUM during the current translation. A short notification is sent when the translation is started.

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Users have direct access to the translation service via the context menu

Group 75

Depending on the number of assets to be translated, the work is done directly or in the background

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Multilingual meta information enriches the search for assets even in linked third-party systems


In order to optimally support existing workflows, the connector is comprehensively configurable

See how CELUM seamlessly works with DeepL Translation.

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