Deepl Translation

Process optimization and quality improvement by contextual machine translation directly in CELUM ContentHub

The German translation service DeepL significantly surpasses comparable online translators in terms of translation quality.

The DeepL integration solution in CELUM Content Hub enables the automatic translation of metadata in individual assets, as a bulk operation in all assets of a structure node or even via System Task. Once the assets have been selected, the media manager at CELUM Content Hub can have information fields such as license texts, meta tags or the description translated from a defined source language into a selectable target language in a very short time. Time-consuming communication and cumbersome workflows are replaced by an automated process minimizing errors considerably. All languages currently offered by DeepL are supported.

International Teams

International companies face the challenge of providing their employees with centrally maintained media in all relevant national languages quickly and easily. Information can be translated directly from CELUM Content Hub into selected languages with just a few clicks.


Media managers do not have to wait for the DeepL Translation Connect service if entire structure nodes are to be translated. The process is executed in the background so that work can continue in CELUM Content Hub during the current translation. A short notification is sent when the translation is started.

Deepl Translation Connect was developed by Comspace Logo

Advantages at a glance

Users have direct access to the translation service via the context menu

Depending on the number of assets to be translated, the work is done directly or in the background

Multilingual meta information enriches the search for assets even in linked third-party systems

In order to optimally support existing workflows, the connector is comprehensively configurable

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