Visualize CELUM Contenthub activities in Kibana.

The Kibana integration delivers all the information of typical activities from CELUM ContentHub to the open source analysis platform Kibana, allowing them to be visualized quick and easy.

Use Kibana to visualize your data and navigate the Elastic Stack to get an idea of what requests are being made to the CELUM ContentHub. It provides you with flexible ways to prepare and display your data. It offers all classical views out of the box: Histograms, line charts, pie charts, ring charts and more.

In addition, CELUM workflows events (status-bound) can be visualized with Kibana.


Tables, maps and other tools in Kibana are waiting to display your data live.

Diagrams and tables

Data diagrams, time diagrams, quantity diagrams, and much more.


Kibana dashboards display a collection of visualizations and searches – target group specific.


Data discovery features to discover your data.

Share and collaborate

Easily share Kibana visualizations with others in your team – embed a dashboard, share a link or export your data (PDF, PNG, CSV) and send it as an attachment. Organize your dashboards and visualizations within Kibana Spaces.

Machine Learning

With Elastic Machine Learning, you can automatically model the behavior of your Elasticsearch data – trends, regularity, and more – in real time.

Target group specific creation of Kibana dashboards.

Statistical analysis and visualization of events (such as adding and deleting assets).

Visualize the editing of metadata.

Visualize asset usage (uploads and downloads).

System Requirements

Elasticsearch 7
Kibana 7
CELUM 5.13.4 or higher

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