The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by netcare.

Simply synchronize CELUM assets into Pimcore

With Pimcore Connect you can synchronize the CELUM assets with just a simple button press.

The folders that should be synchronized can be adjusted in the configuration menu.

When an asset is used in Pimcore, CELUM will save the id, type and name of the object where the asset is used.

Synchronize assets with the click of a button and eliminate the need to upload files to two systems.

For automated cronjobs you can trigger the synchronization with console commands:

Determine which data are synchronized via extensive and flexible configuration.

Synchronization Configuration

Define a root node in CELUM for the Assets which are to synchronize to Pimcore. This is made in the integration configuration in Pimcore.


Metadata for an asset are transferred from CELUM to Pimcore. In addition to a standard set of metadata, further user-defined metadata can be synchronized.


Synchronize Assets from CELUM to Pimcore

Configurable transmission of asset metadata


In CELUM you can see the use of your assets in Pimcore.

Automation via console commands

See the integration in action

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The CELUM Marketplace Terms & Conditions apply for this integration.