The CELUM Sitecore integration optimises system strengths, minimising errors, and reducing website maintenance workload.
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Fast and seamless integration
of CELUM AND Sitecore

The Sitecore Experience Platform and CELUM seamlessly complement each other. Through the CELUM Sitecore integration, we leverage the optimal strengths of both systems, resulting in a significant reduction in error rates and website maintenance workload. Editors have constant access to current and well-prepared media from CELUM.

Importantly, the original files always remain unchanged. The Media Library in Sitecore CMS serves as a central hub for managing digital website content, allowing easy integration of assets.

CELUM acts as the backbone, intelligently structuring, organising, and enriching assets with metadata. Moreover, it incorporates a sophisticated rights and role management system along with release workflows.

Cyber-Solutions is in charge of this integration, which is ready for immediate use. 

Use Case

The Sitecore CELUM integration significantly streamlines the digital workflow of a company. For marketers and editors, the integration introduces a new, unified layer for working with media assets. No more system breaks or cumbersome searches for “the” image in a specific version. Images, videos, and audio files from CELUM are directly used, modified, and managed within Sitecore – seamlessly, clearly, and quickly.

Combine the power of CELUM with Sitecore

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Store all media assets centrally and use them directly in Sitecore

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Fast integration via interfaces

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Simple operation directly in the Sitecore editing system

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Automatic monitoring of copyright licenses

See how CELUM seamlessly works with Sitecore.

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