Fast & seamless integration of CELUM & Sitecore

The Sitecore Experience Platform and CELUM ContentHub are two systems that complement each other brilliantly. With CELUM Sitecore Connect, the strengths of both systems can be used optimally and error-rates as well as workload for website maintenance can be significantly reduced. Current and optimally prepared media from CELUM is available to editors at all times.

The original files remain unchanged at all times. With the Media Library, a media center is available in the Sitecore CMS for managing digital website content, from which assets from the website can be integrated. CELUM ContentHub forms the backbone of all assets of a company, which sensibly structures, organizes and equips assets with metadata. In addition, there is a sophisticated rights and role management together with release workflows. With the help of a DAM, a company can significantly increase productivity and save a lot of money.

CELUM Sitecore Connect: A system for any content

A connection that makes the digital workflow of a company much easier: CELUM Sitecore Connect integrates the CELUM ContentHub into the Sitecore Experience Platform.

The connector opens up a new, unified level of work with media assets for marketers and editors: no more system breaks and cumbersome searches for “the” specific version of an image.

Images, videos and audio files from CELUM ContentHub can be used, modified and managed directly in Sitecore – quickly, easily and clearly.

Sitecore Connect was developed by Comspace Logo

Advantages at a glance

Store all media assets centrally and use them directly in Sitecore

Fast integration via interfaces

Simple operation directly in the Sitecore editing system

Automatic monitoring of copyright licenses

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