MARMIND® is a leading international provider of Marketing Resource Management solutions designed to empower marketers to optimize resources and maximize results.

Based in Vienna, Austria, we have been building technology to integrate and streamline marketing processes for more than 20 years. We believe that passion, foresight, and reliability are essential to provide excellent products and services to our customers.

MARMIND®, formerly called UPPER Network, started as a software development company providing custom solutions for businesses looking to manage their marketing processes more effectively. We launched our core product, MARMIND®, in 2010 and have since been focusing on what we know best: Enabling businesses to gain full control over their marketing.

More than a decade later, MARMIND® has grown into one of the top Marketing Resource Management platforms in Europe and beyond. With global brands such as Deutsche Telekom, Daimler, Sharp NEC, and Universal Music relying on us, we continue to make improvements to our product and keep pushing to deliver the best MRM technology for our customers.

What we do

MARMIND® is a leading Marketing Resource Management platform that empowers marketers worldwide to optimize resources and maximize results.

The only marketing cockpit to create seamless workflows for planning, budgeting, and result analysis across point solutions, departments, and locations, MARMIND® enables businesses to make better decisions.

Relying on a large network of marketing experts and technology partners, we offer complementary consulting, implementation, and support services to ensure that our customers have everything they need to master their marketing.

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