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9 Productivity Tips for your Business

Are you up for some productivity tips?

Productivity is one of the major concerns for most managers and key metrics in the modern business environment. A high productivity allows you to work less on routine tasks and spend more time on personal goals. We swept through our company and collected the best productivity tips and tricks for you.

Productivity Tip 1:
The productivity does not start with the task itself

Before you start a task take some time on the day or night before. Create a list of necessary resources, make yourself aware of what the goal is, how you want to achieve it, and in which timeframe or resources. The challenge is often that not all resources are immediately at hand, but this problem can be solved with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. We explained in another article when it makes actually sense to use a DAM.

Productivity Tip 2:
Meditate & focus – forget multitasking

Stop overanalyzing and worrying about how you’re going to complete all the tasks at hand. Your day has just started. What you need first is a plan, what you want to achieve today. Take one task at a time and meditate between them. Meditating does not have to be a spiritual experience. Just take a few minutes and clear your mind.

Productivity Tip 3:
Start moving

Sport is a secret weapon for productivity. It clears your head and gets you a fresh view on problems. A great opportunity is to take a run during the lunch break with colleagues. Not to forget that even clinical studies have proven that sport increases productivity through physical improvements. Another great opportunity is to make running meetings. Transfer your meeting out of the dark meeting room on the road. Run at a slow pace to enable running and talking at the same time.

Productivity Tip 4:
Visualize your goals and success

Visualization is the simple act of imagining what your goals will look like once realized and what will you gain by it. Visualization can be used for long-term or short-term goals. It will help you generate ideas, increases motivation, and a better understanding of the resources you will need to achieve your goal.

Productivity Tip 5:
Work smart not hard

 Focus on a task for a short period of time and then allow yourself to rest for a longer period. Small amounts of focused action immediately followed by a long period of rest are the secret formula for getting tasks done at a sustainable pace. Play the long game and don’t burn out! The right tool kit also helps you to save massive time. For example, we have collected the 15 best content marketing tools for teams in a blog post.

Productivity Tip 6:
Avoid distraction - get disconnected

Turn off or mute your mobile more often. Close unnecessary browser windows. Disconnect from social media and most importantly: Close your Outlook, Gmail, or whatever email client you use. Look for a quiet workplace, if your office coworkers tend to be noisy or frequently ask for your opinion. An approval and feedback tool can help to structure questions from your team or colleagues in a useful way. A good productivity tip is to create an appointment in your work calendar, this way you will appear busy or not available for your colleagues. Another option is to work with an approval and feedback to avoid to 

Productivity Tip 7:
Treat yourself well

Energy drinks, coffee or other stimulants should not be your daily diet. Get yourself a good portion of sleep every day, eat balanced and do sport. A productive work-life does not mean you have to embrace unhealthy habits. A physically healthy body is the cornerstone of your success.

Productivity Tip 8:
Get your mind off work before going to bed

Do you know that feeling? There is a challenging project and you think about how to solve a specific problem all the time? Make sure to get your mind off it before you go to sleep to avoid undesired effects of your rest. It’s old school but takes a good book (prepared the paper version) and read for some time. This way you will wake up easily and well-rested.

Productivity Tip 9:
Routine is king

Sounds boring? – Yeah, but it is simple and effective. Many of the most successful people in the world like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others live by it. Structure your day and especially your morning with a routine. Wake up early at the same time, doing some physical exercise, reading the latest news, simple meditation, and visualizing the essential tasks for today are just some easy examples. A daily routine is actually the perfect way to integrate all productivity tips from above to get more done and be less stressed.

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