State of Brand Management Tools 2024

Better Workflows for Digital Asset Management

With our newest product update, we added massively extended import and export functions, so that you can immediately start editing existing assets in a dedicated workflow outside the DAM system. 

When creating new assets, you can also start with a workflow and only export the results into the ContentHub, which is how we call CELUM’s digital asset management component. This will provide you with much more clarity and file names such as v3_final_final will belong to the past.

The import and export functionality stands out with the possibility to choose whether an asset should be considered as a new file or as a new version of an existing file.

For example, if you have files in the RAW format and edit and save them in the TIFF format, you can choose if they should become the newer version of these RAW files or if you prefer them saved as new assets.

Importing assets into a workflow from ContentHub

You can now easily use our digital asset management software to:

  1. Import an asset as a new asset;
  2. Import a freely selectable asset as a new version of an existing asset;
  3. Update an asset in WorkRooms that has been updated in the ContentHub.

Exporting assets into your DAM from a workflow

If you start with a new project, you might prefer to create new assets together with your team and only save the results in your DAM. You can now choose from our workflow tool WorkRooms if you want to:
  1. Export the file as a new asset;
  2. Export the file as a new version of a freely selectable asset;
  3. Export the file as a new version of the imported asset.

More efficiency with Automators

Marketing Automation helps you reach your goals faster. With the current update you can decide whether assets added to a certain list should automatically appear in the ContentHub target collection or only when the project is finished.

Just as a quick example: Your ad agency can upload three new jingles for the commercial and with a simple move, you can decide which of the three jingles will be included in the dedicated project folder.

With this release, we have also improved the design to ensure an even better user experience.

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