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CELUM Content 22.9 Release – What’s New?

The new CELUM Content 22.9 release offers you many new features and benefits. We have paid special attention to usability, so that the daily work for our CELUM users becomes even more convenient. In fact, there are a whole 225 performance and stability improvements! Read on for all the latest information and get a sneak peek at what’s new.

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Manage Notification Settings

The collection notification settings in Nova UI now allow you to fine-tune how often you want to be notified and what exactly you want to receive notifications about:

  • Get notified immediately after a change occurred or choose to receive a summary of all changes per day, week, or month – or at a specific time.
  • Only get notified about changes that are relevant to you – either asset uploaded or moved, version updated, metadata changed, collection changed or moved – or a combination of all the above.

Speed up work processes

Working with collections has never been easier. We have improved the collection picker to enable you to instantly create a new collection or to flag a collection as favorite. This significantly accelerates your work processes, especially when you need to keep adding new content to the same collection.

Image Editor

If you want to flip or rotate your images without converting them to a different file format, just use the option “Keep Format” for your images. This works with JPG, JPE, JPEG, JFIF, JPX, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG formats – and you can even download an edited version of the original image.

Manage Assets

With our latest release, users with permission to view the Trash Bin can now easily restore assets to a collection in Nova UI.

Linking assets to additional collections via drag & drop is now also possible. While dragging the assets, you can switch the mode from “move” to “link”. When using a PC, just press the ALT key, Apple users may use the Command key. If the action is not allowed, you will get immediate visual feedback while dragging.

Advanced Asset Information

With CELUM Content, Release 22.9 you can now choose from a host of new ways to display and find asset information:

Tooltips with asset information

We have introduced tooltips on cards in the asset list. They can be configured to show a defined list of asset attributes.

Simply configure the tooltips via property:


More details about the configuration are available here: Customize Asset Tooltips

Find text in documents

You can now search for text within a document by using Ctrl + F directly in the asset’s detail view (Preview tab).

Hover text instead of path

Are you working a lot with keywords? Do you remember the description of your keyword while viewing or editing? Instead of displaying the path you can configure informative tooltips that are shown to users while viewing or editing metadata:


The information shown on a value – collection or tag – of a specified nodereference or tagreference field is taken from a specified field of that collection or tag. Therefore, the configuration expects a comma-separated list of “<nodereference/tagreference field ID>:” pairs.

Supported field types to get the tooltip text from are: text, textarea, localizedtext and localizedtextarea.

Further details are available in the customer knowledge base: Properties for NOVA UI


To make our users happy, with CELUM Content 22.9 we’ve continued to tweak the search experience, and most prominently:

  • When viewing the search results in the list view, you can add the “Relevance” field via column configuration. The bar shown indicates how closely and accurately the search results relate to your search query.

  • Simply configure the default locales for your search widgets in the content administration.

Small but beautiful things

Information on when an asset has been created, modified and uploaded now contains not only the date but also the exact time. You can find these in the sidebar and the asset list.

The PIN landing page now shows the original file size of your assets. Also, a progress bar is displayed when downloading all assets.

While browsing your assets in the list view, the lock symbol is now available, marking locked assets.

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