What’s New in CELUM Content 23.12

Welcome to CELUM, where we strive to improve your user experience with each innovative update. Introducing CELUM Content 23.12 – a transformative release designed to elevate the quality of life for our users.

Want to Tell Whether Your Content is Working? Check Out Insights for Portals

Content Performance Data for Portals

No brand today could grow without content. We certainly understand that, and continuously optimise our platform to help you make content work. For example, we’ve created CELUM Portals to help you showcase relevant content to specific target groups. With Portals, you are in complete control over how those people encounter your brand’s content assets. But […]

Latest CELUM Online Proofing Improvements

As you know, we talk to clients regularly. We learn about their stories and ask about challenges they face as they create and manage an ever-growing library of content and digital assets. And we often notice patterns emerging, like an increased need for a robust project management solution, one that allows for  complex content production […]

CELUM Portals: Excite Your Audience

With CELUM Portals, you easily showcase content to specific target groups to optimise their encounter with your brand. Be it colleagues, vendors, partners, or direct to the customer, you will wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience.

New REST API Reduces Complexity and Cost for You

Unlocking the Seamless Integration of Unified API Unified Modern RESTful API With CELUM Content 23.1 (released in January 2023) we have started to ship the new CELUM Content REST API. This API is designed to simplify the integration of our system with other systems, which has been a request from our community. Why we are […]

Boost Project Efficiency with CELUM Work’s New Subtasks

Big projects consist of many complex tasks, and keeping track of it all is a critical aspect of a project’s success. This is where CELUM Work comes in. CELUM Work is a vital part of our overall content supply chain management platform that helps teams manage their tasks and projects efficiently. In this blog post, […]

Effortlessly Manage Your Rich Product Content

Product content management is a crucial aspect of any business that wants to thrive in today’s competitive market. With the prominence of e-commerce and online shopping, customers have more options than ever before. To stand out from the competition, you need to present rich product content, which means creating detailed content that showcases your products’ […]

A Thumbs Up to Visual Feedback

Are you tired of slow and tedious collaboration processes? With stamps, you can accelerate your collaboration and feedback processes, making your workflow smoother and more efficient than ever before.