New REST API Reduces Complexity and Cost for You

Unlocking the Seamless Integration of Unified API

Unified Modern RESTful API

With CELUM Content 23.1 (released in January 2023) we have started to ship the new CELUM Content REST API. This API is designed to simplify the integration of our system with other systems, which has been a request from our community.

Why we are making this change

By offering one unified, modern API instead of multiple, differently capable APIs, we significantly reduce complexity and cost for you.  

Sunsetting Legacy APIs

With the CELUM Content 23.5 (released in May 2023) we will sunset, or slowly fade out, several legacy APIs which include:

  • Backstage API
  • RemoteSDK

Furthermore, the Content Java SDK shall no longer be used in new custom implementations – for the time being, you may continue to maintain existing implementations built on the Java SDK. Going forward, we recommend using the CELUM Content REST API (backend) and optionally the Nova JS API (frontend) for all integrations and customisations.

Smooth Transition Until 2024

The legacy APIs will continue to be maintained until the sunset date, which is the end of 2024. We highly recommend using the time between the sunset announcement (now) and the sunset date (end of 2024) to plan your migration away from the affected APIs.

Live Webinar in September

To keep you informed and address any questions you may have, we will be hosting a live webinar on 26 September at 15:00 CEST. Our Head of Product Management will be happy to answer all your questions. Register for the webinar now. 


Product content management is a crucial aspect of any business that wants to thrive in today’s competitive market. With the prominence of e-commerce and online shopping, customers have more options than ever before. 

To stand out from the competition, you need to present rich product content, which means creating detailed content that showcases your products’ value.

That is why CELUM is very excited to present to you our latest functionality, product content management featuring compound objects.

Revamped User Interface: Enhancing Your Experience with Nova and CELUM Content

Our team has been hard at work to harmonise and simplify the messages, labels, and actions within Nova, ensuring a more consistent and user-friendly interface.

Therefore, Nova will be the default experience for all users. But don’t worry, you’ll still have the option to define specific groups of users who shouldn’t default to Nova. It’s important to note that if you leave this filter empty however, everyone, including super administrators, will automatically have the Nova experience.

Introducing Spanish and Italian Language Support

To cater to our diverse user base, we’ve expanded the language options available in CELUM Content. Now, alongside the existing languages, we’re thrilled to introduce Spanish and Italian as supported interface languages bringing us up to six different languages. 

Choose the Perfect Thumbnail for Your Video Content

With our latest update, you can now handpick the perfect still frame as the preview for your videos, capturing the essence of your content. If you don’t make a specific selection, our system will default to the “middle” of the video’s duration, ensuring visually appealing previews.

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