Product Content Management

Create, Approve, Manage and Embed Product Content

Give your audience the product presentation they need for their buying journey. With CELUM you can collaborate effectively when launching new products, managing multiple product lines or working on product catalogues.

Why do you need
CELUM product content Management?



It remains a major challenge to create and manage multimedia product content at scale, and to organise what content is needed to sell or to meet regulatory requirements. In addition, many product marketing teams find it virtually impossible to cost-effectively deliver higher volumes of content to digital frontends.

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A centralised platform as the single source of truth for all multimedia product content, including efficient collaboration, content creation and approval. A unique system that tells you exactly what content is needed. Save time and money by easily creating product download areas and understanding which product content performs best.

Product Media Asset Management

Easily manage hundreds of thousands of pieces of multimedia product content.

The powerful backend enables massive batch processing of product assets and connected data.

Minimise administration and metadata overhead by integrating with any data source, from PIM to ERP.

Product Content Availability Management

Always know what content is needed and what is missing to ensure a perfect product launch and regulatory compliance.

Use asset placeholders to enter essential metadata while content is still in production. As soon as the content is added, the metadata is applied, resulting in a faster time to market.

Content collaboration

What do you need to create product content with ease? Obviously an easy to use visual review and approval system as well as a briefing system for agencies and other external partners.

CELUM offers Kanban-based task management and tactical work management to complement complex project management tools.

With full control and compliance, it is also the only content sharing system you will ever need.

Sales and Channel Self Service Portals

Tools Portal

Sales and partners alike have tightly controlled, monitored and highly convenient access to all product sales content.

Tailored self-service portals by region, location or product cluster ensure maximum efficiency.

Template based Sales Content

Enable internal sales organisations and partners alike to create sales materials for virtually any channel with full brand compliance.

Tightly control what they can add or change in social media banners, product leaflets or any other product marketing tool.


Seamless Integrations

Break up content silos with industry-leading integrations. Collect product content from and distribute to any software needed – from PIM to ERP or CMS.

Intuitive Page Builder

Choose from pre-designed themes that represent your product. Start building your page layout with simple elements and customise your portal to suite your needs.

Performance Insights 

Leverage analytics to identify top-performing product content, understand the audience and make strategic adjustments to better meet your goals. 

See CELUM in Action

Learn more what CELUM can do for you. Take a deeper dive into the features and get answers to all your questions. 

What our customers say about us

Kistler e-commerce
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“With CELUM Product Content Management, we have a central platform for all product-related content. This allows us to create high-quality product catalogues, which serve as the basis for our online presence.“

Christoph Keller
Corporate Program & Project Manager

“With the NovaUI, CELUM has achieved a great success, especially in the area of usability. Acceptance among both editors and users is high.”

Torsten Mühlhoff ABUS
Torsten Mühlhoff
Corporate Projects

Thanks to the integration of CELUM, a central content hub for the RM Group was established across company boundaries and our content supply chain was optimized.

Werner Ammerer
Head of Global Marketing

“Thanks to CELUM, we could save time and money by optimizing the usage of assets across the content lifecycle. We have a clear overview and employees love how easy it is!”

Mia Rasmussen
Senior Product Owner, DAM

With CELUM as our all-round service platform for digital data, we serve our stakeholders optimally far beyond the normal scope and always have the time-limited copyrights automatically in view.

Dr. Anja Strejcek
Head of PR & Communication

With CELUM and SharePoint, we can easily manage the digital assets of our diverse, highly technical products without starting a digital fire.


Joris Gruber
IT Manager

With CELUM it’s possible to uncover and access hidden content treasures for research, teaching as well as public enjoyment of our heritage.

Geoffrey Browell
Head of Archives Services
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