Product Content Management

Agile Product Content Workflows

Gain the flexibility to start your rich product content creation anywhere, right now. Create the framework of assets needed, apply metadata and let the content come, even ones that don’t yet exist. Always have a clear overview of the content status. This ensures a complete product presentation that gives your audience what they need for their buying journey.  


In today’s world, one product demands a lot of content. Images, videos, product data, etc. Where to start? With an agile process that let’s you begin pretty much anywhere, gives a clear overview of what assets are still outstanding, and connects them so you can manage them in bulk.  

Connect Your Product With Its Content

To properly market your product, it’s important to assign the necessary assets that will showcase it effectively. This includes multiple images from different angles (front, back, and side), videos that highlight its features, product information sheets, and any other relevant media that can help potential customers understand its value. By preparing a comprehensive set of assets, you can ensure that your product is presented in the best possible light, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

Obtain a Clear Overview

By assigning the necessary assets for your product to go to market, you now have a comprehensive overview of what has been completed and what is still pending. This approach provides an excellent opportunity to ensure that your product presentation is thorough, precise, and compelling, which will effectively engage your audience. 

Manage Assets in Bulk

Effortlessly managing numerous product assets is possible without the need for repetitive manual assignments. By attributing the necessary information to the added content, the hassle of manual entries is reduced. This streamlined process makes it easy to keep track of all assets and ensures smooth management of hundreds of product assets together in bulk. 

Utilise Asset Placeholders

If you’re ready to begin your project but lacking media or files, you can simply employ an asset placeholder. This allows you to input essential metadata while content is still in production. Once the content is added, the metadata is automatically applied, allowing for the parallel creation of media and tagging. This streamlined process expedites the creation of rich product content, resulting in faster go-to-market times.

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