CELUM Portals: Excite Your Audience

With CELUM Portals, you easily showcase content to specific target groups to optimise their encounter with your brand. Be it colleagues, vendors, partners, or direct to the customer, you will wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience.

What is Portals

With CELUM Portals, master the content supply chain by putting your brand assets right where they need to be. Your target groups will easily access, search, select sizes, download the content you curated for them, all while you maintain control of who sees what. Finally, creating a content experience everyone will appreciate and love.

Good News. It’s Easy to Set Up.

Starting at the CELUM content hub, you select the assets you want to place in your portal.

Selecting assets for your portals in CELUM.

Then you click on libraries. Here you create a new library, give it a name, and decide who can moderate it. Then you choose filters, apply metadata, and decide how your target audience can download content. For example, in the original format, large, or things like social media banners. Then the assets you selected earlier are copied from content hub to the library.  

Name your new library, add filters, metadata, and download options.

In the experience domain you can then create a portal. It’s called experience because other features are on the horizon. We’ll let you know when they are available.  

Creating a new portal in just a few clicks.

Give your portal a title and decide if it’s public or protected. Choose the library that the portal should be connected to. With just a few more clicks, you can easily embed portals on your website. Just imagine what content you can add here! 

Here is what your finished portal will look like.

Finalised portal for your target audience.

It’s that easy to set up. As you can see, branding it with your company’s colours, images, logo etc. is part of it all.  

CELUM Portals are great for internal audiences like your sales team or retailer partners. Portals are also great for externals like journalists, who can easily get assets to cover your company’s news and more.  

ANALYsE What Works

It will always surprise you what content works for each of your target audiences. With analytics, you can see who is using your portal, most downloaded assets, most searched terms, and more. This way you can optimise your content creation to maximize the ROI on your assets. 

See who is using what content with analytics.

CELUM Portals. Get excited, because your audience will be. 

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