Content Marketing Management: The Complete Guide to Managing Content Projects

Cliche as it may sound, it’s true – Content is the most effective digital marketing strategy today. In fact, 71% of marketers admit that content marketing is even more important to them than last year. But effective as content marketing is, it’s also enormously challenging to do. Creating even the smallest content asset requires handling […]

Want to Tell Whether Your Content is Working? Check Out Insights for Portals

Content Performance Data for Portals

No brand today could grow without content. We certainly understand that, and continuously optimise our platform to help you make content work. For example, we’ve created CELUM Portals to help you showcase relevant content to specific target groups. With Portals, you are in complete control over how those people encounter your brand’s content assets. But […]

This is How to Easily Manage Product Documentation On a Website

Is managing product documentation in your store starting to feel like that nightmare from which you just can’t wake up?  Table of Contents Yes, you try to make it work. You keep detailed notes about what manual or product leaflet you’ve uploaded to the CMS. You use clever (but unfortunately very user unfriendly) filenames to […]

How to Scale Content Production Successfully Using a CSC Platform

It’s a fact – Today’s marketing is pretty much all about content. It really doesn’t matter what strategy or channel your brand focuses on, right now. To do it well, you need to create more content. I’m sure you’ll agree with my emphasis on the word “more.” Much of your team’s work is about creating […]

CELUM Portals: Excite Your Audience

With CELUM Portals, you easily showcase content to specific target groups to optimise their encounter with your brand. Be it colleagues, vendors, partners, or direct to the customer, you will wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience.