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Facilitate working with multiple assets utilising CELUM Content 24.4

I know we’ve said it over and over again, but it’s true – Content projects are becoming more and more complex. 

But it’s not just about what content we need to produce—that’s becoming more complicated, too, of course. The challenge is also very much related to the number of assets we need to work with and how quickly we must complete the work. 

At CELUM, we continuously work with our clients, learning about their challenges and implementing improvements to our product to tackle those. And this month, we’re launching an incredible update that’s going to change the way you work with multiple assets. 

So, let me tell you more about this and other improvements that are coming to CELUM Content this month.

And to start with the biggest one…

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Lightbox, Your Personal Ad-Hoc Asset Collection

I bet this sounds quite familiar… 

You launch a new content project, begin the work, and soon enough, you start feeling frustrated. Why? Well, for one, because most of the assets you need are scattered across different collections and asset lists, aren’t they? This isn’t a problem, of course. After all, that’s how you should organise these assets.  

But this presents quite a challenge when you need to process these assets quickly. Every time you need to change something, you have to find a relevant asset list and do your work there.

This means that:

  • You spend quite a bit of time switching between collections. 
  • You can’t see all relevant assets together and process them as one. This means that you never see all assets in context. 
  • You can’t move between assets quickly, either. 

In other words, no matter what you want to do with those assets, you must invest time and effort into it. 

Well, that’s why we’ve created Lightbox.

Before I tell you more about it, let me show you what it looks like.

So what is Lightbox in CELUM Content?

The best way to describe it is as your personal area where you can add assets from different collections or asset lists and work with them in a single location. I like to think of it as a basket where I can put all the assets I need to work with. 

With Lightbox, you can create ad-hoc collections of assets. Then, you can trigger different actions on those assets together, be it editing, sharing, downloading, moving, comparing, creating asset relations between them, and more. 

In fact, you can perform all the actions in Lightbox that are also possible in the search. In this case, you do so on all the assets you need to work with, but this time, you have them all in a single location.

Let me offer some examples of where Lightbox would help streamline your workflow.

  • If you’re working on a complex project requiring assets from different collections, you can add them all to a single Lightbox and edit them all there. 
  • You can use Lightbox to quickly open a digital view of any asset that you need for your project. Again, you no longer need to access that asset through a relevant asset list or collection. 
  • If you need to edit shared metadata on a number of assets, you can do that in Lightbox. 
  • You can create asset relations between assets in an asset list and Lightbox so that your relations will cross collection boundaries. 
  • Another use case for Lightbox is to download one or some of the assets in a Lightbox and have all the files locally available in the same defined quality.

Naturally, the above is just a short snapshot of what you could do with Lightbox, so check it out. You can access it from the Explore View and Advanced Search.

Nova UI Roll Out

You’ve probably heard about Nova, our latest user interface. Nova replaces our previous Advanced interface. With Nova, we want to make your daily work easier and speed up your workflow.

We are therefore pleased to announce that SaaS Content customers hosted by us will automatically switch to the Nova UI when they upgrade CELUM Content to the latest version, 24.4.

New Resource Centre

The CELUM Content 24.4 launch brings the new  interactive resource centre. Our live tours and in-app help will make the switch a joyful and easy experience. They are generated based on a specific page context and user permissions so that users can quickly familiarise themselves with whatever feature they’re exploring.

Overall, there are four different types of guided tours the resource centre can trigger.

High-Level Overview Tours

These tours are ideal for new users and will help them get a general idea of a feature or area of the application. Because of that, they typically contain several steps and might include visual help aids like screenshots, animated GIFs, and so on. 

Here’s an example of such a tour with visual elements attached.

Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

Often, new users struggle to identify how to complete a particular task or action. This is especially true if completing it requires making several actions. In such situations, the Resource Centre might show a detailed step-by-step guide that will introduce the entire process to a user. 

Because this type of guided tour focuses on tutoring a user, it can contain a significant number of steps and might require users to interact with the UI.

Q&A Tours

These tours are usually pretty short and focus on solving a particular problem or explaining how a single task works. Q&A tours contain only a few steps, if any, and require no interaction from the user.

Automatic Pop-Up Tours

Finally, we also have a dedicated guided tour to notify users and provide information about newly added features, functionality, or changes to the UI. 

These pop-ups would appear for any users whose account received an update and show them what’s changed and how to use the new feature.

New “Quality of Life” Improvements

What you read about above were the biggest improvements and additions we’ve made to CELUM Content recently. But it doesn’t mean that this is everything we’ve been working on. 

Quite the contrary, in fact. We’ve also introduced smaller updates that aim to improve the overall experience of using CELUM. We refer to them as quality-of-life improvements, and here are just three examples of what you might notice in your CELUM Content.

New Search-and-Filter Widget

We have added a new search- and filter-widget which enables users to search for assets by their version upload date, making finding the latest relevant changes to an asset much easier.

For example, if you create a placeholder asset, with this search widget you could see if the agency uploaded a new asset version after a specific date.

Search in Collections

Power users can now avail of a better way to update collections and structures through the “Search in collection” widget in Advanced Search. This feature also allows them to also search for collections that are children of a specific parent collection.

Recreate Preview

Last but not least, administrators can now recreate the preview for one or more assets in their context—and magic—menus, eliminating the need to go into Advanced UI for that task.

And that’s it for this update…

But of course, we have more exciting new features and updates in the works, and we’re eager for you to see them, too.

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