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CELUM ContentHub 21.9 Release – What’s New?

Features, features, features – that is how you could summarize the ContentHub 21.9 release. Our search underwent a major upgrade and now offers additional functionality to retrieve assets even faster. We also added a Text Editor, SmartViews in Nova UI and you can now update asset versions in bulk. This release is scheduled for early October 2021 – keep reading to get all the latest infos and a sneak peek into what’s coming. 

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Bulk Version Upload

Creating a new asset version in Nova has never been easier. Using the “Upload new version” capability you can now upload up to 200 files in the Nova UI and all assets with matching files names will be updated to a new version. You can review the update prior to executing it and remove assets that should not be affected. The bulk update can be applied on all assets, whether it’s root collections or individual collections. Just select your location and all assets in it (child nodes included) will be considered for version updates against the uploaded files. The file extension can be excluded via an application configuration property if it should not be considered as a matching criteria. 

Smart Views for Nova UI

Highly anticipated, Smart Views can now be set up and managed directly in Nova UI. They come with the option to select a default Smart View language and simplified user interface for quick configuration.

Revamped Nova UI Search

Needless to say, it is super important to quickly find the asset(s) you are looking for. That is why we have decided to upgrade our search capabilities and make them even more powerful: 

  • Full text search, which replaces all previously available search modes, is now available from the Dashboard, Explore view as well as the Advanced search view. 
  • Advanced search is now directly accessible from the System bar.
  • Explore view delivers live search results – no need to hit the “Search” button anymore. The search results are relative to the collection tree selection and you can select “All assets” to search everywhere.
  • Search results relevance: Assets are now ordered by their respective relevance towards the provided search terms/keywords.
  • You can now easily narrow down the scope of your search by using the search options configuration, available next to the search box. Choose whether you want to search all metadata information or merely a subset of it, and hone in on the assets you are looking for. Also with our new filter chips you can easily spot which filters and filter values are applied in your search.  
  • Exact match via quotation marks is now supported. By using quotation marks, only assets containing this exact phrase will be returned as search results.

Text Editor

Text editing (.txt assets) is now possible via the “Edit text” option, accessible from the asset context menu and the details view. Edit the content of your .txt assets right in ContentHub!   

Nova UI Customizations

Usability Enhancements

  • Quick asset browsing via back & forth navigation is enabled in the asset details view.
  • Multi select assets via “Ctrl+A” or “Cmd+A” in the asset list view.
  • Moving up to 200 assets via drag & drop is now possible. Just select the collection you want to move assets to and drop them right there. 
  • ContentHub modification history is now enriched with WorkRooms user information. When an asset is exported from WorkRooms the creator, modifier and exporter user details are now visible in the ContentHub history.
  • Image Editor now provides a colorspace configuration option. You can select your download format and then adjust the image to your desired colorspace (e.g. RGB, CMYK).
  • Nova UI “Open workflow” option is enabled and can be accessed via the “>>” button available in the collection tree. 
  • PIN-Links are now also available in the asset Details view. Additionally, shared PIN-Links are now visible for users who have adequate permissions (“Manage own Pins” & “Administer Pins from other users”).
  • Asset “Locations” in the Details view is split into two sections. “Location” indicates where asset reside and “Tags & Links” how they are categorized/classified.

Configuration and Technical Updates

  • You can now enable/disable email notifications for adding assets to permission-defining nodes and non-permission-defining nodes. For more details check the following properties in the Application Server Properties.

  • If you wish to configure global initial filters & widgets for all your users, this option is now available. For more details check the following property in the Application Server Properties

  • Remote SDK: enabled “add asset relations”.
  • NovaAPI: Improved the ease of use for the “OperationFilterCustomization” and provided documentation. This enables custom configuration of the operations scope, meaning you can easily hide menus. Related documentation can be found at:

					{ContentHub base URL}/main/nova-app/docs/nova-api/index.html#hide-operations
  • You can deny the Advanced UI for specific user-groups via an application configuration property. Additionally, switiching to Nova UI is now possible with the click of a button. 
  • Update to Angular v.12.
  • All deprecated SDK samples will be removed with ContentHub 21.12 release. All updates can also be found here: 
					{ContentHub base URL}/main/nova-app/docs/nova-api/index.html#from-215-to-219

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