How to Match Up to Your Audience’s Content Expectations

Consumers aren’t just expecting a seamless, holistic, omnichannel marketing strategy. They want personalised content tailored to their needs and interests. Marketers who can manage that are going to get the results they want in today’s market.  

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It’s amazing how much the requirements for marketers have changed since the digital age. Relaxed meetings over cigars and martinis like in the cult series Mad Men are over.

Marketing departments are swamped with work trying to fill more channels with content than ever before: email, social media, apps, websites, and physical shops not to mention the traditional print, billboards, tv advertising etc. 

To up the ante even more, consumers don’t just want their content where they want it, they want it how they want it; personalised to their needs and interests.  

The number of different versions of content marketers need to create to fill this demand can be mind-boggling. 

Unless of course, you have a good process in place to fulfil the personalised omnichannel marketing strategy that is needed to generate the results marketers expect.  

Content Supply Chain Management

Let’s be honest. Processes aren’t sexy. They can be hard to create, build up, and implement. Different departments have different needs. One process will not fulfil all. Unless the process you implement is flexible and dynamic to the needs of everyone involved. A process that makes your omnichannel, highly personalised content creation seamless, smooth, calm, and easy to manage. 

That’s where content supply chain management comes into play.  

The content supply chain is where you have the one source of truth for: 

  • Creating and approving content between marketers, internal departments, agencies etc.  
  • Finding and managing all assets, no matter the file type, in one place by utilising AI and metadata.  
  • Routing and sharing by getting that content from the single source of truth out to your marketing channels at a competitive speed. 
  • Exciting and analysing, meaning that you deliver personalised content that excites and interests your audience. And you make sure of that by analysing what content is being used and delivering more of that.  

Excite Audiences with Your Content Offering

We aren’t talking about flashy videos that cost thousands to make. We are talking about proving that you are listening to, respecting, and delivering the information your target groups want. Talk about an exciting buying experience! One that encourages your audience to continue to explore what you have to offer. Moving them down the sales funnel and right to the final buying decision. 

You need to dazzle your audience with easy-to-access, tailored content exploration experiences to help them make that buying decision. 

This is where CELUM Portals comes in.  

CELUM Portals

With CELUM Portals, you easily showcase content to specific target groups to optimise their encounter with your brand. Be it colleagues, vendors, partners, or direct to the customer, you can wow them with an exceptional content exploration experience.  

Here’s how. 

Working from the CELUM digital asset management platform, the single source of truth for all your content, you curate the assets for any target audience you need to reach and create a portal. The portal can be for anyone you want, but a few examples are: 

  • Retail portals to help partners access and find the content they need for their specific outlet. 
  • Content portals for anything like corporate branding, product specifications, sales sheets etc. to make asset distribution sophisticated and smooth. 
  • Press or media portals where journalists are empowered to have immediate access to the content they need to cover your company’s news. 
  • Insert imagination here for any other portal you might create for your specific target groups. 

With the help of already established filters in the CELUM digital asset management functionality, or even creating new ones if desired, a few clicks bring your curated content right into your first portal. 

Another few clicks mean you invite your target group to that portal whether that is individuals or groups, like your entire sales team.  

Then you click publish and you’ve got a portal chock-full of content that is tailored to your audience.  

Take it one step further and embed the portal into your website to make access even easier.  

Portals can either be protected, meaning your audience needs a login. Or they can be open to anyone to click into, like journalists.  

Backend view of CELUM Portals.

How many clicks was that? Meaning, CELUM Portals is designed to be easy to set up. 

Make it Unique with Filter Facets

But let’s take the unique content experience a step further. CELUM Portals have filter facets, which use content categories to provide structure and help your audience quickly find what they are looking for. So they never come up with a blank search result.  

CELUM Portals filter faucets for optimal search results.

A Smooth Download Process

Now that your target groups are excited by the tailored content exploration experience they are having, they want to download what they found and use it. To continue to educate themselves to make good buying decisions. Or to get that content to help them sell your product as a retailer. Or as a journalist who finally found what they are looking for to cover your company. Don’t trip at the finish line and make the download process frustrating. Let them download the content the way they want to use it. This can be size or even format like Facebook banner, video banner, etc. 

Allow your target group to download the content in the format they want.

Analyse It

Now, you can create the ultimate product exploration experience and still be startled to find that you haven’t delivered exactly what your target groups want. So, you need to be able to see who interacted with what content, when, and how often. Then utilise the information to change and improve the content to help reach your goals 

Analyse how your target groups interact with content to optimise it to drive results.


Marketing is going to get more complicated as digital development presses on. Companies that ensure teams can handle the rising content demand that target audiences want with a content supply chain in place will be the ones that meet their goals.  

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