CELUM improves UX for editing metadata in bulk

The Summer release of ContentHub 20.7 added a vastly improved user experience for managing asset information. The tagging feature allows users to create more conveniently new tags on-the-fly and a better editing experience when changing info of many assets simultaneously.

It’s all about metadata

​If you work regularly with assets, you know about the importance of superior metadata handling. That is why we give this topic much love and dedication.

With the new release, users can start a batch edit operation by selecting more than one asset and then triggering “Edit Metadata” from either the context menu or the magic menu. The batch editing wizard supports the user in changing information associated to all selected files while making sure that this is only possible for fields the user has the permission to modify.

In addition, we also added a single metadata edit as direct action: Users are now able to edit the metadata with one click without having to go to the detail view first.

Easily create sets of assets

Besides data and asset managers we believe this update will support marketing managers and design departments in their daily work as well.

​Take SCOTT Sports as an example. The bike and sports equipment manufacturer market every year two product launches per industry segment. The batch editing can help to sort and categorize all assets for a new marketing campaign, from graphic visuals over product images to possible reusable content among their 83.000 assets.

The additional benefits: Good tag management also secures better collaboration in the content creation process and allows for faster distribution of the final assets on all channels.

For a more detailed look at how SCOTT Sports uses Digital Asset Management please check out our success story.

New user onboarding

​With ContentHub 20.7 we also introduce a new onboarding experience with interactive tours that help new users to familiarize themselves with the application.

Rolling out ContentHub to new audiences has never been simpler!

Create asset relations

We’ve also improved the feature to create relation between files when using tablet.

User can now “Create Relation” via the context menu as well as the magic menu.

Fast and reliable metadata editing is just one of many features to help you increase productivity. Learn more about CELUM Digital Asset Management Software

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