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New Ways of Easily Sharing Content With Celum

Sharing is caring – and our latest update of CELUM brings a faster way to share files with your external peers and deliver great content experiences. We have paid special attention to usability, so that the daily work of our users becomes even more convenient.

Sharing for CELUM Work

We know how it feels wanting to send files in bulk to people outside your organization and going through the hassle of downloading them, uploading them to one email and then finally hitting the send button…

Our new CELUM Work feature “Sharing” enables you to share files with people even outside your organization. You can simply share specific files, but also entire folders with a personalized message.

Preview window of selecting recipients and adding personalized message.

This saves you time and makes it as easy as sharing content with your coworkers. As a result, both you and your recipients receive an email with the link to a modern page, having the chance to download all files in bulk or separately. 

Preview window of shared assets.

YouTube Exporter for CELUM Content

When content is king, then video is queen and an essential component for delivering exciting product and brand experiences. Starting with CELUM Content 22.9 our users can now automate the publication of their video content to YouTube with the Exporter tool. This enables you to directly send approved assets – or, more generally, assets matching defined criteria – to the video platform.

Automate the process of video sharing on YouTube.

It also allows you to map CELUM metadata fields to your YouTube video name and description fields to make sure they are represented as you intended. And the best of all, you can see YouTube statistics such as video views and likes directly on your asset in CELUM Content.

See in which YouTube channel your asset is shared and how it performs.

As a result, our users benefit from easily publishing only approved video content and being able to see statictics in one central place. Also organizations are now able to smoothly localize their YouTube asset titles and descriptions. 

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