Silhouette International Looks Into a Digital Future with CELUM


Since 2004, Silhouette International has been using the CELUM content supply chain platform to centrally manage and steer its digital assets. Since then, the media hub has evolved into Silhouette International‘s all-round service platform. The CELUM content supply chain platform is seamlessly integrated with a variety of third-party systems and helps optimise business processes. Stakeholders have access to the relevant assets via self-service through the brand portals. CELUM Copyrights Management provides consistent support to ensure usage rights compliance. By using the CELUM reporting, Silhouette International can analyse and optimally serve the needs of its stakeholders. Silhouette International continues to rely on CELUM and on an even more intensive digital transformation of its business.



Silhouette International has been a global leader in the premium eyewear segment since 1964 and has revolutionised the eyewear industry from the very beginning. In 2017, Silhouette International evolved into a full-range supplier of lenses and frames, and optical lenses are now also manufactured to the highest technical standards at its headquarters in Linz. With 13 of its own international subsidiaries, a regional office in Dubai and a network of 22,000 opticians, Silhouette International operates in over 100 countries worldwide. Export accounts for 95% of its production.

Due to growing digitalisation, Silhouette International recognised the benefits of digital asset management early on. By setting up a central content supply chain, the goal was to support the company‘s digital transformation and secure copyright compliance.

Up to 60,000 users around the globe are be able to access around 300,000 digital assets. Due to the different time zones, the sales companies, distributors, agencies and opticians should have access to assets selected for them via self-service portals.

With CELUM as our all-round service platform for digital data, we serve our stakeholders optimally far beyond the normal scope and always have the time-limited copyrights automatically in view.
Dr. Anja Strejcek
Head of PR & Communication


Silhouette International has been using CELUM as its international media hub since 2004. CELUM as a content supply chain for a variety of systems and touchpoints has been seamlessly integrated with third-party systems such as CMS, ERP, brand portals, stores, websites, iPad app for sales representatives, online catalogue, newsletter system, MS Office, Adobe Suite, Pepperi and engage. Assets managed centrally by CELUM are used multiple times across channels without producing duplicates.

CELUM has become Silhouette International‘s all-round service platform for digital data. Information related to products, marketing, PR as well as technical data are centrally managed in CELUM.

In order to provide optimal content on a self-service basis to the different stakeholders such as employees, sales companies, distributors, agencies and optician partners, several ContentLands were built for the various target groups and brands.


Downloads per year


CMS, ERP, iPad-app, newsletter, MS Office, Adobe Suite, Pepperi


SINCE 2004

Intuitive Self-Service Center for Optician Partners

Optician partners worldwide have access to the latest materials for professional advice and sales support of end customers on a 24/7 basis. In addition, the back office is on hand to provide advice as usual.


The rights of image materials are usually available only for a certain period of time. Users must accept copyright agreement in order to download assets. Ten days before the expiration of the copyrights, a notification is sent to the user via e-mail. It lists all downloaded materials that may no longer be used after the expiration of the copyrights and must be removed. The asset is then automatically removed from CELUM.


Silhouette International knows which stakeholders, downloaded which materials and are thus used in the markets and in the optical stores. This enables them to meet the needs of their customers even better.

Silhouette Mockup

Silhouette International

Since 1964, Silhouette International has risen from a small start-up to the world market leader in the premium segment of rimless eyewear. The company, with its brands Silhouette, NEUBAU EYEWEAR and evil eye, is known for the highest precision, the best quality and innovation. Silhouette International Schmied AG employs around 1,400 people worldwide and has 13 own international subsidiaries. Export accounts for 95% of its production. The glasses are available in over 100 countries.


With CELUM, you inspire customers with compelling content about your product world.


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