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The Latest CELUM Release Brings the Best of the 3rd Dimension

CELUM Content 22.4 delivers new features and value, and – as usual – contains its share of fixes and improvements. But what is our focus? The answer is clear: improving the quality of life for our users!

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We are CELUM

… and CELUM is also the name of our product suite, and it comes with capabilities that help you manage your content supply chain. To better communicate this fact we have simplified the naming of the components in our offering:

  • You’re using CELUM Work to collaborate with your team on work-in-progress content and to do online proofing,
  • And you’re using CELUM Content to manage and distribute your digital assets to where they’re making the desired impact.

We have worked diligently to update all references to CELUM Content in the UI of our products and services and all user facing documentation (online help, onboarding tours) – please bear with us if you should stumble across the odd “ContentHub” reference in the technical documentation.

3D Preview Support

Experience your 3D assets in their full glory. We have extended the “3D Viewer” subscription option that was already available for CELUM Work to enable 3D object thumbnail rendering and interactive previews in CELUM Content as well. We have also introduced a new file category “3D” so you will easily be able to filter for 3D objects within your repository.

3D formats support for creating thumbnails

Easily identify what your 3D objects represent already by a pre-rendered thumbnail in the asset list: With the 3D viewer enabled, our integration with the 3D cloud service will request a 2D-rendition of your object for use as small preview for the asset.

Preview 3D files in detail view

With the 3D viewer enabled, the detail view allows you to preview your 3D asset in its multi-dimensional, textured glory. You can zoom and rotate to view the object from every angle, rendered live in your browser.

Business Enhancements

Nova UI - Asset List Column configuration

You can now save and restore your asset list column configuration (for list view). The columns are defined for both asset list in Explore view and asset and collection list in Advanced Search. Additionally we have allowed administrators to define a sensible default column configuration for all their users – how? See “Tech Updates” below.

Nova UI - Search

  • If you are often dealing with longer lists of search criteria, this is for you: Both filters and advanced search widgets now allow you to add all available search values (up to 200) with one click.
  • Until now, the filters in Explore view applied to the assets within your currently selected collection, while Advanced Search always searched globally, within the entire repository. With CELUM Content 22.4 we have now added a new search widget that allows you to precisely define within which collections your Advanced Search query is executed. Alternatively, the same widget also allows you to explicitly exclude the content of some collections from your search.

Quality of Life

  • You can now define names for the cropping presets in the image editor to help your users pick the correct cropping preset for their use case (e.g. “web page hero image”). Also, the cropping area now snaps back to the original image area if you should have not managed to hit the border with your selection.
  • Administrators of a CELUM Content instance can now define a custom Favicon to represent the app in a web browser tab.
  • Among many other things, we have improved performance when expanding more complex tree structures by a factor of 4.

SSO for CELUM Work

Users can log in and use CELUM Work with Google. In addition, to improve the usage of SSO, users are automatically added to the right tenant, when their federation is associated with a tenant. Both developments were done for CELUMs Cloud Account.

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