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CELUM Drive 3 now puts you in the driver’s seat

CELUM Drive - What's New?

Manually update to 3.0.0.

The CELUM Drive app update from version 2.2.6 to 3.0.0 needs to be done manually. The installation file can be found on the portal.

CUSTOM Sync Settings

We’ve retired the “Home” tab and the CELUM Drive desktop app now opens right in “Sync”. In this tab, you will find a “Sync Now” button to manually sync any changes and a dropdown to adjust the sync settings according to your preferences. Additionally, you can see all your synced scopes in this tab.  If you would like to pause syncing a workroom or collection, you can do so via the context menu.

Hover over any scope that you have subscribed to sync and click the “local” icon to see all your files. Needless to say, if you make any changes, the files will automatically be synced between your local hard drive and the repository. By default, changes are synced automatically at 10-minute intervals. However, you can also sync on-demand, which means you are in control of the syncing behaviour. This is particularly interesting if you are working on large files that should not be synced back and forth continuously.


New Root Folder

We have introduced a new root folder called  “CELUM Drive”. The old folder “clm” still exists as a backup. Furthermore, there is no need to waste time looking for your CELUM Drive app. Once it is installed, it will automatically be pinned to Quick access on Windows® or added to favorites on macOS®.

"Conflicts" Tab

The new “Conflicts” tab picks up on any changes that were made simultaneously – both locally and online. To avoid files being overwritten by mistake, you will get notified for any conflict and can easily resolve them right from the app. 


WorkRooms - What's New?

All-new ContentHub robot

In order to extend the automation capabilities of our platform, we’ve decided to introduce a brand-new robot. This robot enables you to upload task content (files) to ContentHub even from standalone workrooms that do not have to be connected to a specific collection in the DAM. The following triggers will instruct the robot to export files (task content) to ContentHub: 

  • When a new file is attached to any task in a task list in which the robot is active
  • When a task based on file(s) is created in a task list in which the robot is active
  • When a task is moved to a task list in which the robot is active
  • When the workroom gets finished

Save as Template

If you want to save a workroom structure and re-use it later, simply use the new “Save as template” button in the “workroom details”. You can save the template of an existing workroom or do so while creating one. Define all your workflows and automation steps, hit save and set up new workrooms even faster now! 

Comment Improvements and Bulk Downloads

Various task and task list improvements are also included in this release. Now, your unsaved comment on a task is saved as a draft. Simply pick it up where you left off and publish your comment later on. Rearranging grouped workrooms in your personal cockpit also got easier. Simply drag-and-drop them around as you see fit. 

No more long waiting times before you see your uploaded files in the workrooms file explorer. We improved the performance of preview generation for files, especially if you upload many of them. Additionally, we also worked on improving the download experience by introducing the bulk asset download in the file explorer. After download, all assets are conveniently stored in a single zip folder.

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