New Visitor Role for CELUM Work

The beginning of a new year is in itself an occasion for celebration. This year, we decided to make it even more special and start with our release that is all about user roles in CELUM Work.

New Visitor Role

With our new visitor role in CELUM Work you can provide new or existing users with restricted access to your workroom. People with this role can only see specific tasks assigned to them, but also all tasks in the task lists where they are task list owners. Other tasks are hidden from visitors.

Furthermore, visitors can only see the cockpit and the taskboard, while they don’t have access to the people page and the file explorer.

Preview of specific tasks and task lists in CELUM Work.

Our new visitor role is perfect for:

  • keeping the name, roles, and tasks of other workroom collaborators private
  • making sure that specific people only see work that is relevant for them
  • making sure that only specific people can edit task list- and task-related information.

The invitation process is the same for all roles: in the invitation dialog, simply select the “Visitor” role. If needed, you can update their role later via the “Update role option”.

Overview of users and their roles in your workroom.

Update User Role

As a moderator, you can update people’s role in your workroom. Open the context menu (right-click) on one or more people’s avatars and select the “Update role” option. You can choose between moderator, contributor, or visitor role.

Preview window of updating user roles in CELUM Work.

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